NOVUS Franchisee to Hold Special MADD Fundraiser This Weekend

In memory of his 16-year-old daughter, Beta Kamran, who lost her life to a drunk driver in 2003, Mark Pixley, the NOVUS franchisee in Sheridan, Wyo., will host a special memorial day this weekend to raise awareness and support for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This year’s event will be held Saturday, September 14 at his two franchisees in Gillette and Sheridan, Wyo.

The two shops, located at 405 East Lakeway Rd in Gillette and 347 North Main St in Sheridan, Wyo., will do auto glass chip repairs for $20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with all proceeds being donated to MADD. Free hot dogs and Pepsi will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This is the second time Pixley has hosted this event.

“The worst experience anyone could ever have is to lose one of their children in a senseless accident that could have been avoided,” explains Pixley. “This event is held as a memorial for our 16-year-old daughter who lost her life in 2003 because of a drunk driver. Teenagers, especially, are very likely to drink and drive or ride with an impaired driver if not properly educated.”

The event was last held in 2011 when the shop raised $4,200 for MADD and repaired more than 150 vehicles. Pixley said his company gave rain checks for those who could not make it. Due to illness, he was unable to hold the event in 2012.

“The response to this event is excellent,” Pixley says. “Everyone is very receptive and willing to help out or donate. We receive a huge amount of free advertising from all the radio stations and local TV station. The newspaper will not do a free ad, but it does a nice press release article on the business page free of charge before the event and after.”

He also notes that the local grocery stores are happy to donate food items, such as hot dogs, buns, chips, plates, napkins and condiments.

“We put up several posters around town and get a great response everywhere we go,” he adds.

Supporting charity work is very important for small businesses, according to Pixley.

“Giving your time and money to charity in a much publicized manor helps make you and your business an intricate part of the community. It shows you care about the community and the people living in the community. The amount of free advertising is also great. I cannot believe the amount of goodwill we created for ourselves in the eyes of our community,” he explains.

Discussing his hope for the event, Pixley says, “We are looking to save lives, create a better public image and help create a stronger and better community. To give of one’s self warms your heart and creates a sense of self-worth. I guess you could say it also supports a stronger company image in the marketplace. We feel that doing a good deed will be rewarded many fold.”

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