Continued Government Shutdown Could Impact the Auto Glass Industry

Though the government shutdown has yet to have a big impact on consumer spending, if the closure continues to drag on, this could change, according to Ford’s chief economist. The shutdown could impact AGRR if consumers lose confidence that an end to the political stalemate is near and curtail their spending on these services.

Ford’s senior economist cautions that the government shutdown could have an impact on vehicle sales.

“At this point, we don’t know. It’s too early to tell [what the impact could be.]” says Jenny Lin, according to a local report. “… Any type of disruption in government operations would adversely affect government spending, consumer confidence and financial markets. So we urge leaders to work together and remain hopeful the shutdown won’t be very long.”

Moody’s chief economist also offered some insight.

“If policyholders can get it together in the next few days then we are okay,” he says in a recent webinar. “If they can’t and we go into next week, the prospects don’t appear good … If they can’t get it together by October 17 we are toast and will go into a recession.”

However, on a more positive note, he adds, “When push comes to shove, they [Congress] will sign on the bottom line and the fiscal drag will fade.”

The shutdown shows no signs of ending, and a big factor delaying a resolution could be President Obama, according to another report. He does not have to worry about being re-elected and therefore does not need to worry about a big sticking point to a potential compromise—health care. The shutdown came on the first day of enrollment for the new health-care law, which Republicans strongly oppose.

House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, and President Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, have “tried and failed to negotiate big deals several times. Since the government shutdown on Tuesday, they’ve barely talked aside from a meeting the president held with top congressional leaders on Wednesday afternoon,” the report points out.

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  1. Steve Cheney says:

    Never in history have the American people elected a President so unqualified to lead the Nation. When we asked for his resume, he told us he was a Community Organizer. Now we know what that truly means. A leader can negotiate and bring people together. The Community Organizer is skilled in creating wedge issues, pitting one group against another. For four and a half years this administration has excelled in bringing us one fabricated or unnecessary crisis after another and politicizing everything along the way, always with the goal of distracting the American people from their failures. Mr. Obama has never proposed a budget even his own party could support and as a result has never had one. Of course, this is intentional. The result is on display for all to see.

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