Highway Loss Data Institute: Vehicle Windows Almost Twice as Likely to Be Vandalized on Halloween

Personal vehicles are almost twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween compared to an average day, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. And Paul Gross, president and CEO of HSG Alliance, expects an upswing in auto glass claims.

“Yes indeed [we see this] and damage is even worse when Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday,” he points out.

To come to its conclusion, HLDI reviewed insurance vandalism claims from 2008 to 2012, including smashed windows, and discovered the average number of claims on Halloween is 1,253, compared to 692 for an average day. The average cost per claim was $1,528.

“Halloween and New Year’s seem to be a little busier for tempered glass,” says Chris Lawson of Novus in Fort Collins, Colo.

“People who work in hospital emergency rooms will tell you that just about anything that increases ‘stupid’ increases injuries and accidents,” notes Matt Kelly of Glass Doctor in Northeast Ohio. “The unique nature of Halloween, when millions of teenagers are unleashed intent on creating mayhem, does increase ‘stupid.’ However, vandalism doesn’t tend to be one of the largest causes of the auto glass breakage we generally see. So it might well double on Halloween, but it doesn’t make our bays overflow with work.”

Bryan Yarborough of Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay adds, “Twice as likely may be high, but common sense and our experience tells us that a large number of bored teenagers running around at night in costumes increases the likelihood of vandalism.

“This spike does not account for a significant amount of glass work for us in Tampa, but we always seem to have two or three Halloween-related vandalism jobs on the night of the 31st and/or the day after,” he continues.

“The unfortunate reality is that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shoppers cause more incidents than Halloween,” says Mark Borchin of Glass Doctor of the Gold Country in Jackson, Calif.

“One year, coincidentally after an Indian casino was built, there where more than a dozen vehicle break-ins and/or vehicle thefts in our small county. Most of the people booked on charges where from out of town,” he adds.

Other top holidays for vehicle vandalism include the Fourth of July, New Year’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to the HLDI.

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