Alan Resnick Leaves Glass America

Alan Resnick

Alan Resnick

Alan Resnick—who has been with Glass America since 1999, most recently as vice president of sales and operations—left the company at the end of December to pursue new opportunities.

Back in early June 2013, Boyd Group Income Fund acquired a controlling interest in the Glass America. Boyd also owns Boyd Autobody and Glass, Gerber Collision and Glass and Gerber National Glass Services, among other brands.

At the time of the announcement, Boyd CEO Brock Bulbuck said Eddie Cheskis, CEO of Gerber Glass, would take over the role of heading up Glass America.

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3 Responses to Alan Resnick Leaves Glass America

  1. Bill Tibbits says:

    Damn shame! Maybe Alan can resurrect his old vaudeville act with Rich Harrison.

  2. Bill Tibbits says:

    …….and Just Sayin’ Rohlfing could maybe join them, just like in the good old Windshields America days!!!!

  3. Wayne Palmer says:

    He is the best boss I ever had (old Windshield America days)
    Good luck Alan wish you the best!!!

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