Third Shift Cut at Safelite Glass Corp.’s N.C. Manufacturing Plant

Safelite Glass Corp. has shut down third-shift operations at its Enfield, N.C., windshield manufacturing plant, affecting approximately 61 of the company’s 277 employees at the plant.

The company expects its windshield production to be reduced from one million units to 800,000 annually. The third shift ceased operations in late December.

“However, we are looking forward to new initiatives on the horizon that we believe will keep the manufacturing plant relevant in today’s replacement windshield market,” says Melina Metzger, Safelite’s public relations manager.

“Safelite provided a severance package to impacted employees and has been working with several outreach organizations to provide training, including the dislocated worker program and the employment security commission, so they may find employment as quickly as possible,” Metzger says.

The company has also encouraged these employees to apply for other positions within the Safelite Group, she adds.

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10 Responses to Third Shift Cut at Safelite Glass Corp.’s N.C. Manufacturing Plant

  1. SAM KILLEBREW says:

    Did anyone interview the employees who were released to see how much help they really got from Safelite

    • Terry M. says:

      What do you think is fair? What should they be paid as severance?

    • Terry cotto says:

      Enfield was the worst of the worst as far as the quality of the other 2 plants but at the end of to noneofhe day the quality became second to none I worked for safelite 10 yrs. And been on my own since 1992 I bought safe lite glass by the truck loads another union shop closes I feel for the Enfield employees!! They came from last place to first!! The the quality of parts that came from Enfield over the last decade I don’t believe I’ll return one ever for bad Bender bad quality whatsoever I hope he’s good fun American workers find union job somewhere else Donald J Trump will stop this madness but for the Chinese people to come back in and take over the home of the Trailblazer and I turned it into the glass plant but it’s all non-union workers in fact that some Chinese if they’re going to come over here and capitalize on us I think they need to be Union in moraine I’m in Cincinnati!! A 45 min ride to the new glass plant!! Its nice but no union!!

  2. That’s sad to hear. They do make quality and great fitting glass that is Made in the USA.

    • Seriously says:

      Quality and Great Fitting? I don’t think you can use those together in a sentence unless it starts with “DO NOT”.

      • GT Repair says:

        They have the soft glass. I have customers that I repair all the time being that their glass is SGC. Cheep………………

  3. sam says:

    This should not be a suprise to anyone , they basically sell to themselves anyway.

    why would any of us buy from them, even if the glass was not made by them.

    They are the enemy why support them.

  4. Well I though they just landed a big contract to make AGC? Who knows…

  5. Richard Brenson says:

    Anybody idea why production is reduced? Losing market share?

  6. You make the statement that there glass is “Soft” you do know they buy there float from the same suppliers as PGW etc. I am not defending them as yes they are my competitor

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