Nissan Frontier Recalled for Electrical Issue that Could Impact Sunroof

Nissan and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are recalling certain model-year 2012-2014 Frontiers for an incorrectly installed circuit breaker that could short circuit causing sunroof to stop working.  

The recall covers 13,535 vehicles manufactured from November 28, 2012 to December 17, 2013.

“A circuit breaker was installed in the incorrect orientation by an operator during assembly at the Canton, Miss., plant. This caused the main wire harness connected to the circuit breaker to face outward, potentially contacting a metal bolt located on the A-pillar,” writes Donald Neff, Nissan’s manager of technical compliance, to NHTSA.

“If the bolt wears through the wire harness covering, it may result in a short circuit condition,” he continues. “The short circuit may cause an overheat conditions which could result in thermal damage. If this occurs, the power seat and sunroof functions (if equipped) may become inoperable. … Nissan is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this issue.”

NHTSA says the resulting electrical short “could cause a fire.”

Glass company owners and technicians who suspect this is an issue with a vehicle are encouraged to send customers to Nissan dealers. The dealer will “inspect the circuit breaker orientation” and perform the needed repairs.

It is “unknown” how many of the Frontier vehicles contain this defect, according to Nissan.

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