Boyd Group Changes Policy for Election of Trustees, Directors

The Board of Trustees for Boyd Group Income Fund, parent company to Glass America, Gerber Collision & Glass and others, has adopted a Majority Voting Policy in respect to the election of trustees and directors of subsidiaries at its annual General Meeting of Unit Holders.

If a candidate receives more votes withheld than are voted in his favor, the candidate will be asked to submit his resignation to the board, effective upon acceptance by the board. After considering the recommendation of its Governance and Nomination Committee, the board will make a decision on whether to accept the resignation and announce it in a news release within 90 days after the Annual General Meeting of Unit Holders, according to officials.

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3 Responses to Boyd Group Changes Policy for Election of Trustees, Directors

  1. Hugo says:

    Thank you for posting this fascinating bit of information. And your average glass shop reader cares about this development how?

  2. AGRR/ says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Hugo.

  3. Stu66 says:

    This is important news for investors in Boyd Group like myself. Thanks for publishing it.

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