Nicolas D’Ieteren, Olivier Périer Named Deputy Chairmen of D’Ieteren Board

Maurice Périer, director since 1978 and deputy chairman of the D’Ieteren Board of Directors since 1993, has reached the age limit of 75. As a result, he will resign as a director on the date of the next Ordinary General Meeting on June 5, 2014.  By unanimous decision, the Board of Directors has decided to appoint Nicolas D’Ieteren, 38, and Olivier Périer, 42, as deputy chairmen of the Board, effective June 5, 2014.

Nicolas D’Ieteren and Olivier Périer represent the seventh generation of the founding family, which holds a majority stake and a majority of the voting rights in D’Ieteren SA. They have been directors of the company since 2005 (its bicentenary year).

They are members of the Nomination Committee and also attend Remuneration Committee meetings as observers. They are members of the Consultation Committee, which meets once a month with the group managing director.  They are also members of the Belron Board of Directors.

In recognition of his contribution over many years on the Board, Maurice Périer has been awarded the title of honorary director, according to officials.

“On behalf of myself and all of the directors, I would like to thank Maurice Périer for his work over the years,” says Roland D’Ieteren, chairman of the Board of Directors. “His precision, wisdom, strength and cool-headedness have made an indelible contribution to the Board’s discussions and decision-making.  “As a member of the shareholding family, I have always found Maurice to be a loyal, faithful and supportive partner whatever the circumstances,” he adds. “We have been a family business for six generations now. This has allowed us to continue growing our company through good times and bad, and I’m delighted that Nicolas and Olivier will now help us continue the good work of previous generations.”

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