Auto Windscreens’ Tech Vans Get SmartWitness Cameras

An Auto Windscreens' technician with a SmartWitness camera.

An Auto Windscreens’ technician with a SmartWitness camera.

United Kingdom-based Auto Windscreens technician vans now have SmartWitness accident cameras which capture traffic accident information, as well as monitor driving styles and speeds.

The company’s automotive glass technicians installed the cameras to their windshields with adhesive pads and hardwired the device to each vehicle’s battery. A total of 340 vans received this technology.

The data, which is stored on a secure SD card, can be reviewed by company management at any time, according to company officials.

“Driving standards are essential to any fleet and our investment in SmartWitness cameras is part of our commitment to promote better driving behaviors among our technicians,” says Chris Thornton, Auto Windscreen’s managing director. “It will also help to safeguard them in the event of an accident that is not their fault and identify if any retraining is needed.”

So far reaction from the technicians is positive about the new technology.

“We’ve already received very positive feedback from our drivers as they feel the cameras offer reassurance, eliminating the potential for them to be falsely accused of causing a crash and driving recklessly,” Thornton adds.

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