Auto Glass Safety Council™ Keeps Members in the Know During Auto Glass Week™

The AGSC Registered Company Member meeting was held this morning at Auto Glass Week.

The AGSC Registered Company Member meeting was held this morning at Auto Glass Week.

The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) held a member meeting today that covered an audit update, AGRSS Standard changes, an insurance perspective and more.

During the audit and AGRSS Standard update, Penny Ouellette of Orion Registrar Corp., which oversees the program, said AGSC Registered Member Companies can expect to be alerted 70 days prior to being audited. Thirty days before the visit, someone from Orion will be in touch to give a specific time.

“As long as you prepare, you will be fine,” said Jean Pero of the AGSC board of directors, who has observed a number of audits. “Orion is very fluid and proficient … they do not need to watch you cut the windshield out. I was amazed about how easy the process was. Get with your urethane suppliers before the visit and maybe do some training.”

AGSC Registered Member companies are expected to train on the updated AGRSS Standard in 2015 and be prepared to be audited in 2016 on it, pointed out Ouellette and Bob Beranek of Automotive Glass Consultants. Beranek chairs the AGSC AGRSS Standards Committee and is a member of the AGSC board of directors.

“We are still validating companies on the old one through 2015,” said Pero. “So start training on the new one next year.”


Brian Powers of Nationwide Insurance offered his perspective on the automotive glass industry.

Offering the insurance perspective, Brian Powers of Nationwide Insurance said, “The industry has to respond to new equipment coming out. Technology is evolving quickly and we have to be ready. We’re going to have to build programs that bring in groups that stand above everyone else. You guys are an example … Glass is important.”

When it comes to recalibrating lane departure systems, Powers said it’s a challenge for insurers and the glass industry. Automotive glass shops should get paid for this, he noted.

“We see this as a rather large problem for us and you … some body shops and dealerships don’t have calibration tools,” he explained. “We are looking at having to put people in a rental because they don’t have the tools to get it done. From a pricing standpoint … how do we set it up so we can bill it correctly and we don’t have to touch it at all? We want it simple from a billing standpoint. How do we handle that to where we’re comfortable?”

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