Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Chrysler Over Alleged Sunroof Defect

Six Chrysler owners have filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against the automaker in U.S. District Court of New Jersey alleging that a defect in the sunroofs causes them to leak.

Vehicles covered in the lawsuit include the Jeep Patriot, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Compass, Jeep Commander, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler Town and Country and Chrysler 300. The model years are 2009 to present.

“When class members brought their vehicles into Chrysler dealers for repairs of the leaking sunroofs, Chrysler did not disclose that the vehicles’ sunroofs leaked because of design errors, faulty materials, substandard installation and inadequate sealing practices and/or manufacturing defects,” attorneys for the plaintiffs alleged.

The plaintiffs include David Cox of Ohio, Melissa Doherty of Massachusetts, Teresa Hughes of Texas, Anthony Lombardo of New York, Andrew Manesis of New Jersey and Michael Newcomb of Massachusetts. They seek to represent themselves and all others similarly situated.

Cox claims he purchased a 2010 Jeep Patriot from Dave Dennis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Beavercreek, Ohio, in September 2010.

“Within one year of purchase and when the vehicle had approximately 10,000 miles on it, plaintiff Cox’s vehicle began leaking from the sunroof damaging the radio in the vehicle,” according to court documents. “Plaintiff Cox brought his vehicle in to the Chrysler dealer’s service department to service the sunroof leak immediately. The Chrysler dealer replaced the radio and cleaned out the sunroof drain tubes. However, the sunroof has leaked several times since the first attempted repair, once again damaging the radio display and causing electrical malfunctions in the sunroof. Thus, on June 26, 2013, plaintiff Cox brought the vehicle in to the Chrysler service department again to service the sunroof leak. However, Chrysler refused to repair the sunroof leak under the warranty stating that clogged drain tubes is a maintenance problem. As a result, plaintiff Cox continues to observe water leaking into and through the sunroof and interior dome light that has resulted in electrical problems, a noticeable musty or moldy smell and water damage to the interior of his vehicle.”

As for Doherty, she claims her 2011 Jeep Liberty had an issue in 2013 when it had approximately 30,000 miles on it and was within the three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

“Plaintiff Doherty contacted a local Chrysler dealer to notify them that her 2011 Liberty repeatedly leaked water from the sunroof and inquired about having the Chrysler dealer fix the leaking sunroof,” according to court documents. “The representative from the Chrysler dealer stated that the drain tubes are most likely clogged due to ‘environmental issues’ and it would cost plaintiff Doherty over $100 to have the drain tubes cleared out. The Chrysler representative stated that ‘environmental issues’ are not covered under the warranty.”

Attorneys claim the alleged defect manifested during the warranty period for all plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs are seeking contractual, restitutionary and statutory damages, in addition to injunctive and equitable relief and attorneys’ fees.

Attorneys noted that this isn’t the first time these allegations were made against Chrysler.

“The facts and allegations contained within this class action complaint previously were the subject of the matter Miller versus Chrysler Group LLC. … The case was administratively dismissed pursuant to the stipulation of parties regarding termination of cases for purposes of refiling. … The terms of the stipulation are incorporated in this class action complaint,” according to the attorneys.

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52 Responses to Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Chrysler Over Alleged Sunroof Defect

  1. Richard and Bonnie Sirk says:

    I purchased a 2010 Jeep Compass with 19000 miles in February 2014 with an extended warranty which expires in 2017. We took our vehicle to dealership in April 2014 which is 2 months after purchase because of water leaking from map/dome light. We were informed that the tubes in the sunroof were clogged. They fixed it at no charge. Once again in January 2015 we are experiencing the same thing. In reviewing other customer complaints we have found this to be a repeated offense and problem with Jeep Chrysler vehicles with sun roofs.

    • Debra Marshall says:

      I am making payments on a 2010 Jeep Compass. I was not informed it had a leaking roof. It also lacks a back seat passenger side seat belt component. Pleas advise how can I become part of class action law suit. Thank you.

    • Nathan Loria says:

      We purchased a Chrysler Aspen in 2007 and in 2010 we started having leaks which shorted out the electrical system. The problem has been ongoing and now even thought we have the lifetime warranty and the issue was addressed in the past by the dealer, they are now refusing to cover it.

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  3. terry bateman says:

    I own a 2005 jeep grand Cherokee and it leaks around the inside up grab handles when it rains, and it’s damaging many interior items, how do I join this law suit?

    • Sarah G. says:

      I have a 2009 Dodge Ram and have been experiencing these problems as well. Leakage from the grab handles and water leaking from the dome light. This was never an issue for the first 4 years of owning this (bought brand new) and we rarely use the sun roof. The hoses were cleaned out (for $100) in 2013 an now we are having the problem again. I also believe that this caused our TIPM to short out unexpectedly and had to be replaced ($850) in February of 20015. Now again in June, the TIPM is on the fritz and the leak is back. I believe that this is a defect in the sunroof and I would love to get involved with this suit as well.

    • nickole says:

      me to… same thing with me. It caused my control shift module to fail, which in turn caused the transmission to fail. And I had to replace the Power Train control module. And I am still having problems with transmission from that.

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  5. I have a 2008 Liberty Jeep; it has had problems with water leaks all around the edges of the interior roof line…

    I have had the Liberty into the dealership several times…They always claim the drain tubes in the sunroof are clogged…The last time they cleaned them ($54), and it rained the next day. Guess what, the headliner was soaked again…

    I believe other areas of the roof leak too; it’s not unusual for the cargo area to be wet after a rain…

    Their solution was either cover the car or keep it in the garage or never drive it in the rain…

    Heh! Chrysler really knows how to stand behind their products…

  6. By the way, I have an extended warranty on the 2008 Liberty…

  7. Other car companies would fully identify this manufacturing defect, develop a legitimate solution, and address and fix this type of problem with one’s car…

    Chrysler is obviously hoping these cars become old and their water leak problems will eventually go away — NOT!

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  9. Sarah Avallone says:

    I have a 2007 Jeep Patriot, the sunroof leaks at every rain and has since the year of purchase. They have never been able to fix it. The transmission was replaced at 30K miles. The battery has been changed 5 times. Also, the fuel bezzle keep falling into the body and has since I purchased it. Any advice is appreciated.

  10. Brad D. Jensen says:

    I have a 2009 Jeep Patriot. When I bought the car, I lived in California. With the dry climate, it took a few years before it started leaking. Then with the infrequent and usually light rains, it was more of an inconvenience than a problem. Now I live in Tennessee. With the far more frequent and heavier rainfall, I need to frequently clean out the drain lines. I have gotten much better at removing the headliner to get to the drain lines.


  11. Kiyong Tai says:

    I purchased a Jeep Liberty in 2006, and it is by far the worst acquisition I have ever made. Since my initial purchase I have had to replace the engine ($5700), Air Condition Compressor ($760), and just recently the onboard control system shorted out ($780). None of the windows on the car work anymore and there is only 72000 miles on the car.

  12. I too am making payments on an 08 Jeep Commander Ltd and am having issues with water coming from the sunroof into the floorboard and dash. It’s been raining a lot in SC lately causing more and more rain water damage. It’s really frustrating because I wasn’t advised of this issue, also the fact that Fiat won’t fix the issue, causing me more money, that I don’t have to spend, to be spent trying to fix an issue that I didn’t cause.

  13. Virginia theus says:

    I bought a 2008 jeep liberty and weren’t told the roof leaks. When I noticed the water spots around the roof I took it back to the dealer, they supposedly fixed it but it has leaked every since. I took it to a chrysler dealership to be told that it was a faulty roof and it was going to cost me 2500.00 to get it replaced. I called chrysler and their said they weren’t responsible because it was out of warrant and there were to many miles on it, now I keep smelling strong odors and my radio and door locks are malfunction because water is leaking down the front window inside my truck

  14. Jim says:

    1999 Grand Cherokee – I’ve tried masking over the seam between the sunroof and the cutout hole it moves into. Tape did not fix the problem and was unsightly. I used a tarp on our last rain storm and that worked – of course. Now I am trying a plastic tape over the seam. This is temporary because when the doors are closed with gusto, the compressed air inside the Jeep blows the tape loose! So, nobody try using a sealant – that won’t work, either. Ya’ll may want to try getting a new seal to go around the sliding sunroof. This may, or may not, fix the problem.

    Oh, yes. The problem does not appear to be the drain. I cleaned out the drain and that was NOT the problem. The problem most often seems to happen when the Jeep is parked on a slight downward incline. Rain funnels/drains through the sunroof mating seam (in the direction of the incline). So in just a 1/4″ rain, the sunroof drain hose has to handle a lot of water and this is more than the small hole can accommodate.

    Try this – get a strong flashlight, slide the sunshade all the way to the rear. From inside the vehicle, point the flashlight into each rear corner of the sunroof glass and, from the top of the vehicle, look into the seam between the sunroof seal and the hole it slides into. You may see the flashlight beam and that’s where/how the rain is penetrating – and the amount of rain is greater than the small drain holes can handle.


  15. Rex billingsley says:

    I bought a Jeep Wrangler Sahara on Sat. The sales guy actually rode 40 miles with his back against the door so I wouldn’t see the water running down the inside. I’m just sick about it. I’m 69 and struggling with the aftermath of stomach and esophagus surgery. I’m losing the battle and thought the Jeep would be a nice thing to leave my daughter.

  16. mark furrer says:

    i have had jeep since new and have had water leak from start …transmission would not go forward i thought it was low on fluid , and now they cant fix the starter issue for i believe the water has damaged the whole enterior and the dealer can not fix it … this comander is a problem and should have been recalled when new… the mold growing in my jeep is bad and has effected my health,,,,even a car wash floods the car,, i drive with feet on bricks due to two inches of water all the time on floor…

  17. Phyllis Balbosa says:

    I purchased a used 2006 Jeep Commander in March of 2015, still paying off $14,000. The vehicle suddenly cut off on the highway in 60 mph traffic two weeks after I purchased it. I panicked, put my hazard lights on and kept at it until it started up again. Took it back to the dealer who then told me it was a recall issue, that I needed to call Chrysler. Chrysler informed me there were actually two recall issues on that vehicle BUT they were only able to deal with one since they did NOT have the part for the other one which was actually the ignition issue.
    I waited eight months for them to get the part to solve THAT ignition issue. Some time in October 2015 was some really heavy rainfall in North Carolina. To my horror, the front passenger floor had collected about two inches of water!! Talked to Chrysler, they informed me that I had bought a used vehicle “as is” there was nothing they could do. The used car dealer said, “your 30 day warranty has long expired”.
    Took the vehicle to the shop, diagnostic $90. Cost me $265.00 to stop the leak…….or so they said. Every time it rains, I have to use the shop vac and put towels on the floor, BUT
    the leak is not as bad as it was at first. Warranty on the job was ninety days. Did not rain
    that heavily again for five months.
    I love my vehicle, but here I am, stuck…….spend more money? Don’t think so……am retired….live on SS.

  18. Still paying on 2006 Jeep Commander which leaks two inches of water on front passenger side floor every time it rains. I have spent hundreds of dollars to have it diagnosed and the shop said they fixed the issue, but I hate when it rains! Cant even go through the car wash. Have to wash it myself or I STILL have to use the shopvac and towels on the floor. The mildew and mold create a really funky smell!! What can I do? Please!!! I am seventy one years old and live on SS.
    That is apart from the two recall issues, P41 AND P43.
    I was informed by Chrysler after several frustrating phone conversations that there’s nothing they can do to help me. ” Just take it to the shop”
    The shop said the system can be affected by the water.

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  20. travis puckett says:

    i have a 2008 jeep commander my floor gets a few inches full of water in the summer here in florida. my radio has failed speakers also stopped working prior and my gauges go crazy some times usually after a storm. i can watch the water come i from the sunroof and leak behind the dash

  21. Ann Garbacki says:

    We own a 2007 Chrysler Aspen, sun roof drains clog up causing sunroof to leak shorting out the electrical system. This has been an ongoing problem since 2008. We purchased the lifetime bumper to bumper warranty and as far as I know that was the only year Chrysler offered it. After numerous times at the Chrysler dealership for this same issue they now say they won’t honor the warranty for the same issue. I have 8 invoices stating sunroof, drainage, electrical. They are now blaming the environment to negate the warranty . We have had water pouring into the car every time it rains.

  22. Antonio Cafiero says:

    I recently purchased a 2015 Chrysler 200 C from a used car dealer and the sun roof is leaking. Is this still covered under the manufacturer warranty? 34,000 miles on the vehicle. Might this be part of the class action lawsuit above mentioned?

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  24. I too would like to know how to get in on the suit – I have a 2010 Chrysler T&C – just started experiencing and am making appointment to go in asap. I also had an issue with my side view window alarms going bad.. The extended warranty people said not covered due to Chrysler not putting them in a good place – where they put the sensors – they get eroded easily and the alarms go bad – if Chrysler would have put them in a place where they wouldn’t be hit by all the water and snow – I wouldn’t be having this problem {according to extended warranty people)
    But please let me know how to get in on suit. I’m afraid this was a bad purchase, and the extra money we spent on the extended warranty was for not.

  25. Rhonda Carroll says:

    I bought a new 2012 Jeep Compass and have had multiple issues with it. I now have 3 inches of water in my floorboard due to a long rainy day. I would like information on this lawsuit.

  26. Bob Nevill says:

    I have a 2014 30 Anv. Edition of the T & C and my roof is leaking. I brought it into Chrysler and they said it was not covered under my extended warranty. It was fixed by an outside firm and now it is leaking again. How can I join the law suit?

  27. Mike Atcheson says:

    I recently purchased a 2012 Jeep Patriot with a sunroof. Water pours out of the front dome lights whenever it rains, was NOT informed of this when i purchased the vehicle. How can I get in on this lawsuit? Chrysler KNOWS about this issue & should fix the problem

  28. Marisa Delao says:

    I would also like to get on this law suit. I am having many of the similar issues as above. I have a Jeep Liberty 2012, I am really disappointed I bought this car.

  29. LORI Dixon says:

    I also have a 2008 jeep liberty with a sky slider that has leaked for years. Chrysler has covered repairs 6 times. Every single Time it leaked again. It still does. When we drive down the highway, I’m afraid that it will fly off.

    • Karen says:

      You stated that Chrysler paid for the repair. Is that because it’s under warranty? Our repair today is costing $2500 because the Sky Slider stopped working in the open position. I’m devastated that there is no recall!

  30. Georgia Kaempf says:

    I have had the same problem with my jeep compass 2008. After the first couple of years of bringing my mt vehicle in, to drain the tube from the sunroof (dome light) it would continue to leak, on the same day they drained it. I was also told that it was my responsibility to drain the tube and it was considered regular maintenance. Yet I had no idea how to drain it, they never showed me how to drain it and they acted like I was a big inconvenience to them and they were doing me a favor. So I stopped going to the dealer to drain it since it didn’t do any good anyways. This was very frustrating considering we bought the jeep off the show room floor (new).

  31. Georgia Kaempf says:

    I have had the same problem with my jeep compass 2008. After the first couple of years of bringing my mt vehicle in, to drain the tube from the sunroof (dome light) it would continue to leak, on the same day they drained it. I was also told that it was my responsibility to drain the tube and it was considered regular maintenance. Yet I had no idea how to drain it, they never showed me how to drain it and they acted like I was a big inconvenience to them and they were doing me a favor. So I stopped going to the dealer to drain it since it didn’t do any good anyways. This was very frustrating considering we bought the jeep off the show room floor (new).

  32. Miya Hunter says:

    Just bought a used 08 liberty with skylines in 08/2016 and the roof leaks plus it doesn’t retract. I want in on the lawsuit I don’t have 3800 to fix something that is chrysler fault in the first place!

  33. My 2012/ liberty jet skyline broke and can’t find parts
    repair it. This is a headache. Chyrsler set us up with a fail definitional product.

  34. John Hendrix says:

    Skyline slider roof no parts no repair

  35. John moncayo says:

    I have a 2010 Jeep Liberty with an inoperable sky slider and would like to know how to be part of the class action suit regarding this problem

  36. I have a 2008 jeep liberty with the skyliner,
    and it too leaks.
    I want to know if I am still eligible to obtain some kind of compensation from the lawsuit filed a few years ago??

  37. Lauralynn says:

    I too am having issues with the convertible top. It is off the track and won’t close. Noone is able
    to fix it what do I do now? Can we get in on this lawsuit?

  38. Chelsea Daniels says:

    Ive got an 08 patriot – Have had to replace the TIPM twice (500$) due to shotty drain tubes, and a leak that continues to short it out.
    This is awful!

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  40. David Lunt says:

    I have a 2014 Town and Country. I have been told that it requires routine maintenance. I cleared things on Tuesday, we had a major storm on Wednesday and on Thursday I had a major rainstorm in the van again. I now have .5” of water in all of the center compartments. Van is on its way.

  41. Brandy Howatt says:

    I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty with the same problems as everybody else. I don’t see any responses far as how to join the lawsuit but if any information is available I would appreciate it.

  42. Jeep customer says:

    It’s like you talking to the wall with no response. Jeep company don’t care. They made profits with defective Jeep vehicles with malfunctioned sky sliders and laughed behind your backs with monies in their pockets. People already dragged them to court and the customers lost the lawsuits. The lawyers you hired aren’t gonna help you because they prefer shady dealers over you. Not only skysliders but ECUs are malfunctioned too so the emission parts. Money loss when you junk it. Excessive repairs are too expensive, more than how much you paid your Jeep vehicles. I have my share with 2010 Jeep which is a lemon sold from non-Jeep dealer.

  43. Karl says:

    The only rescue I see here is disable the Sunroof and Caulk the seems.
    After the Lifetime of the Vehicle is over, don’t buy any other Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/ RAM anymore and avoid to buy a vehicle with Sunroof in general.

  44. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    I am currently experiencing the same leak issue with my 2018 Chrysler 300. My basic warranty expired 3 months ago. The first fix (resealing the sunroof) which I paid out of pocket, was not effective. The leak continues. On the second round of Chrysler service, the diagnosis is that the entire sunroof needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, this repair is not covered under extended warranty. To add, now the interior of the car has rust stains on head liner, chairs, handles, lights, etc. Although Chrysler Customer Care has considered assisting in the cost of the repair, there is still an out of pocket expense on my end. So disappointed with Chrysler!!!!

  45. I was in the automobile business for over 40 years whenever the manufacture has a defect in design they never admit it at some times have caused the death of people I would like you to contact me because I can prove that the jeep moonroof has a defective design it’s got nothing to do with cleaning out the drain tubes

  46. I have a 2011 jeep compass I’ve had issues with the sun roof leaking through my light it seems to be the right side of the sun roof is always clogged my back passenger side floor is always wet when it rains ,causing the anti skid light 4 wheel drive lights to come on I loose power when it happens very dangerous! Clearly this is a big problem they need to recall the cars before someone gets killed,take responsibility of their manufacturing, cause its messed up ,I’ve I’ve always had a sunroof in all the cars I’ve owned never every did i have this problem, i want in on this class action suit ,what do ya have to do before i drive it through their showroom,

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