Judge Grants Permanent Injunction Against Connecticut Anti-Steering Law

The lawsuit filed by Safelite Group and Safelite Solutions against Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen and Thomas Leonardi, state insurance commissioner, over the state’s anti-steering law has reached a resolution. A Connecticut U.S. District Court judge has granted the parties’ joint motion for entry of final judgment, permanent injunction and stipulation of voluntary dismissal.

“Plaintiffs and defendants have determined that their interests, and the interests of judicial economy would be served by the entry of a final judgment and permanent injunction with respect to section 38a-354a(c)(2), joint waiver of all claims for attorneys’ fees or other costs or damages and voluntary dismissal of plaintiffs’ remaining claims …” attorneys write in their motion.

“[N]o party shall assert, in this action or in any other or further action, any claim for monetary relief arising from the operation of 38a-354a(c)(2), including but not limited to any claim for attorney’s fees, costs, expert fees or damages,” according to the court document.

An order granting the motion for judgment was signed by the judge.

“Defendants, in their official capacities, their successors and all other persons in active or concert or participation with them are permanently enjoined from enforcing or attempting to enforce Section 38-354a(c)(2) of the Connecticut General Statutes,” the judge writes.

“The parties have waived any right to appeal from this order,” she adds.

The Second Circuit Court had ordered a preliminary injunction on First Amendment grounds that temporary halted enforcement of PA 13-67—An Act Concerning Automotive Glass Work in September 2014. A permanent injunction has now gone into effect with the latest ruling by the U.S. District Court.

To view the joint motion, click here.

To view the judge’s decision, click here.

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6 Responses to Judge Grants Permanent Injunction Against Connecticut Anti-Steering Law

  1. Ronnie says:

    ok……Translate for the Auto Glass Tech’s the men and women that do the work.

  2. Ron Lingley says:

    So, in English, what does this say ? More important , perhaps, what does this mean to the industry ? Maybe I’ll be surprised with the explanation ? Sure … seeing how the situations have developed so far, I’m sure to be.

  3. K.J says:

    It would be my guess, that the giant won again and us peasants lost.

  4. J.W. says:

    It means “Belron”/ Safelite has more money than the state of Connecticut for one. Two, a few selected people are going to have the best Christmas ever in Connecticut. May GOD have mercy on your greedy souls.

  5. Tom says:

    Well at least the state of Conn. had the balls to stand up to this corruption. Maybe this needs to be addressed at the insurance level, as they are behind the scenes of this greedy monster. Follow the money?

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