Website Publishes Report Questioning Safelite AutoGlass’ Practices

A website that bills itself as “” has published a report that hints of a potential legal action against Safelite AutoGlass. The website appears to be connected with the legal industry, although™ editors were unable to confirm its actual ownership.

An article called “Safelite Auto Glass Repair Practices Under Investigation” says, “A class action lawsuit investigation is underway looking at questionable practices by Safelite AutoGlass, one of the nation’s largest retailers of windshield glass replacement and auto glass repair. Consumers with deductibles of $350 or more may have been overcharged for car window replacement, allegedly in violation of state and federal consumer laws.”

The report states that “Safelite is also being investigated for engaging in ‘steering,’ the illegal practice of referring customers to its own repair shops for windshield glass replacement services.

“Consumers whose insurance company referred them to Safelite for windshield replacement and who had a deductible of $350 or higher may be entitled to compensation,” according to the website.

Ultimately, the report encourages consumers who fit the criteria to fill out a form to discuss their windshield replacement experience with a consumer attorney.

Due to time constraints, Safelite AutoGlass officials were unable to offer a comment at press time.

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3 Responses to Website Publishes Report Questioning Safelite AutoGlass’ Practices

  1. Tom says:

    It’s about time, this needs to be sent out to everyone we know

    • tc says:

      there will be a lot of corruption exposed that the tpa’s and the insurance companies have been doing since the nags rebalance

      • If the investigation is honest, the insurance companies will be exposed as being in cahoots with the network. I suspect that nothing much will come of it however as the insurance companies and Safelite have powerful attorneys and lobbyists that can grind the little guy out financially. The price-fixing and other anti-trust violations that SGC employs on a daily basis is only possible with the cooperation of the insurance companies. It is such an easy fix, yet the insurance companies won’t do it. All they have to do is require the networks to distribute the referrals equally among approved vendors. The only reason they won’t, is because some kind of secret financial gain to them is happening. Insurance companies wouldn’t expose themselves to criticism if it wasn’t financially to their benefit. How can we pressure the insurance companies to stop this immoral, unlawful practice?

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