Report: Caliber Collision Mechanic Seeks Class Action Against Company

A California class action lawsuit has been filed against Caliber Collision by mechanics who allege they were not paid for all the hours they worked, according to report from

The lead plaintiff is Samuel Castillo, who worked for Caliber from 2007 through to January 2014, according to the report.

“The lawsuit alleges Caliber Bodyworks of Texas Inc., which operates the car repair chain Caliber Collision, pays its mechanics on a piece-rate system for each task they perform, and that the workers are assigned piece-rate hours per tasks, regardless of the time it actually takes them to perform,” reports.

Castillo claims in the lawsuit that he recorded the hours worked, but Caliber only paid him under the piece-rate system.

Under the pay system, if a task is assigned a value of 0.8 hours, the technician is paid for 0.8 hours of work, regardless of whether the task takes 10 or 90 minutes to perform.

“Castillo alleges that he regularly worked in excess of eight hours per work day and over 40 hours each week, without receiving overtime compensation,” according to the report. “Further, because the company only pays its workers in the piece-rate system, it also fails to maintain any compensation system for compensating rest periods.”

The employment class action is seeking certification on behalf of classes of workers denied minimum wage, overtime hours, expense reimbursements and more.

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  1. WAWA! Cry baby wants his cake and eat it too! Piece work is accepted in body shops and car dealerships around the world! You have to be good at your work. If you are lazy or slow it will take you longer. After 7 years he is complaining????WTF?

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