Ford and Allstate Team Up to Keep F-150 Repair Affordable

Ford knew that along with new material for its best-selling F-150s would come new insuring and repair challenges—so the company took action.

Teaming up with AllState Insurance Company’s research group, Tech-Cor Applied Research, the two companies prepared repair adjusters and technicians responsible for working on the new aluminum-bodied trucks.

As a result, 2,500 Allstate adjusters and claims are now trained specifically to work with aluminum vehicles.

This means insurance premiums on the 2015 Ford F-150 are in line with the prior model year when Ford used steel instead of aluminum, says Allstate’s vice president of vehicle product management Dave Border.

A simplified vehicle construction also helps.

“Ford’s 2015 F-150 keeps small and large repairs simple through modular vehicle construction that helps reduce repair times and partnerships with places like Tech-Cor that can provide expertise on how to keep costs reasonable,” a release from Allstate reads.

“We have designed the new F-150 to be easily repairable in the event of minor or major accidents,” says Mike Berardi, director, Ford Service Engineering Operations.

When it comes to the vehicle’s glass, however, not much has changed according to Gilbert Gutierrez, vice president of sales at Equalizer, who’s installed and replaced glass on the truck.

“A lot of it has been over exaggerated. We’ve had aluminum-bodied vehicles already,” he says. “Everybody thinks we’re going to have to change our ways … Maybe at the body shops as far as the auto glass goes, you’re just going to have to follow the instructions of the urethane manufacturers” the same way you would with steel-bodied vehicles.

Throughout the design process of the new F-150, Ford engaged organizations like Tech-Cor to evaluate the vehicle’s reparability and to ensure that all repairs are completed per Ford’s recommendations while keeping costs in check.

Such is sure to be welcomed news to F-150 owners. Despite the body change, the truck has consistently been the best-selling vehicle month after month, according to, selling 240,000 from January to April 2015. The second-most selling vehicle, the Chevy Silverado, sold nearly 70,000.

AGRR specialists will get a firsthand look at the ins and outs of the new aluminum-bodied F-150 this year at Auto Glass Week, with live demonstrations of replacement happening daily.

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