State Farm: Automotive Glass Replacement Claims Climb

Fotolia_1425637_Subscription_Monthly_MAutomotive glass replacement claims throughout the country are growing, says Dave Phillips, a spokesperson for State Farm. He points to claims’ statistics in Virginia and Pennsylvania as indicators of this increase.

In Virginia, the insurer received 27,104 automotive glass replacement claims in 2013 and 32,380 claims in 2014. In 2015, there are 16,853 as of June.

“Since 2013, there have been over 76,000 windshield claims for State Farm in Virginia,” says Phillips.

Hail is one of the leading causes for these claims, according to State Farm.

“Virginia had 366 auto hail claims in 2013; but dramatically increased to 1,563 in 2014,” Phillips says.

Potholes and road construction also play a role.

Dump trucks filled with rocks and gravel are abundant on Richmond, Va., roads due to road construction.

“I’m a living example of what is happening, we’re getting a lot of windshield claims,” says Michael Fisher, a State Farm insurance agent based in Central Virginia, according to a local report. “We get three to four windshield claims every day.”

Pennsylvania has also shown claims’ growth.

In 2013, 30,957 automotive glass claims were reported to the insurer. In 2014, this number reached 38,137. As of June 2015, 19,928 automotive glass claims have been reported.

“Since 2013, there have been more than 89,000 windshield claims for State Farm in Pennsylvania,” Phillips says.

Weather has played a factor here, too.

“Pennsylvania had 1,071 auto hail claims in 2013; but dramatically increased to 12,561 in 2014,” says Phillips. “There were several severe hail storms in the Lehigh Valley last year. Though many of these claims were body damage to the vehicle, many hail claims include windshield damage.”

Potholes are also a contributing factor to replacement claims, Phillips notes.

“This is especially true during the spike that occurs after winter/spring cycles of freeze/thaw extremes,” he says.

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