Belron’s U.K. Company Autoglass® Launches ADAS Calibration Protocol

United Kingdom-based Autoglass® has launched a solution to replace and recalibrate windshields equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The program is in the piloting process and will be soon rolled-out throughout the country.

The ADAS calibration solution by Autoglass® uses a custom-made diagnostic tool before and after a windshield replacement, which ensures the calibration has been carried out correctly. ADAS functions via cameras which are mounted on the windshield and other vehicle glass. Following a windshield replacement, some vehicle manufacturers require that the cameras are recalibrated to ensure they function properly.

One percent of all windshield replacements completed by Autoglass® currently require calibration—a number which is forecasted to grow quickly and double year on year, according to the company.

Autoglass® has been working with industry experts for more than two years to find a solution for calibration. ADAS calibration entails triggering the specific vehicle software that determines if the windshield-mounted camera is positioned correctly to take accurate readings and measurements for ADAS functionalities. Even one degree of difference from the original factory setting could have a big impact on the operation of key safety automated features like emergency break assist, according to officials.

“At Autoglass® we have a dedicated team and invest over $3 million USD (£2 million) annually on research and development to ensure we’re providing the complete service to our customers and future-proofing our business,” says Dr. Chris Davis, head of technical superiority at Autoglass®. “ADAS calibration is just one example of return on this continual investment—but it certainly won’t be the last.

“Cars are rapidly becoming increasingly connected and complex and a lot of the new technology we enjoy in our cars such as lane-keep assist or automated-emergency breaking, is reliant on the windshield,” he adds. “However, over the next 20 years the windshield could become a driver’s dashboard with augmented reality GPS and more—the possibilities are endless. As vehicle glass becomes more complex, repair and replacement also becomes more technically challenging and we, as the world’s leading vehicle repair and replacement specialist, must evolve and upskill to drive industry standards and better meet customer needs.”

Taxiarchis Konstantopoulos, managing director of Autoglass®, adds, “We are thrilled to announce our ADAS calibration technology which addresses the current gap in the vehicle glass repair and replacement industry here in the U.K.”

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