How Will Changing Vehicle Technology Impact Your Business?

Mitch Becker of ABRA Autobody and Glass was one of several panelists

Mitch Becker of ABRA Auto Body & Glass spoke during a panel on new installation methods and technology.

The AGRR industry is in for some big changes thanks to new technology that appears to be coming down the pipeline at light speed. In a panel discussion, industry experts addressed new installation methods and calibration requirements that go hand in hand with this new technology. How can you best be prepared?

“Windshields are growing in size,” said Gerry Parij of St. Gobain Sekurit International. “Probably the biggest example of that is the new Tesla model X. It’s a huge windshield. It goes from the cowl all the back to the rear doors … in one piece. It’s probably going to prove to be quite a challenge to install that windshield correctly.

“We are seeing windshields that are exceeding 2.5 square meters in size,” he said. “… The first 4.0 mm windshields are here.”


Attendees came out in full force to find out how changing vehicle technology will affect them.

When it comes to which vehicles need calibration, many questions remain.

“We are not sure which cars need calibration and which do not,” said Bob Beranek of Automotive Glass Consultants. “What is the cost of these calibrations? … I’ve heard stories that it must be OE glass or it can’t be calibrated.”

Though questions remain, AGRR company owners can prepare now for calibration by talking with their attorneys, said Beranek. Find out about liability issues.

“Develop a policy so all your employees know how to deal with it,” he said.

“We need to recognize seriousness of this,” added Mitch Becker of ABRA Auto Body & Glass.  “We need to know what we are dealing with.”

He shared a story about a Subaru. ABRA technicians had some issues recalibrating the camera after installing an aftermarket windshield. They took it to a dealership. The service technician said it couldn’t be recalibrated because it wasn’t OEM glass. However, when he got the glass out, he took a closer look and discovered a spider had built a web right in front of the camera. Once that was cleaned away, the camera could be recalibrated with the aftermarket glass, Becker said.

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