U.K.—National Windscreens Launches Country Wide Calibration Service

National Windscreens uses target boards for static recalibration.

National Windscreens uses target boards for static recalibration.

Following several months of a pilot program, National Windscreens has launched a United Kingdom-based calibration service for windshield-mounted cameras, which are an integral part of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

ADAS offers a wide range of safety features for vehicles—such as automated emergency braking (AEB), lane-departure warning (LDW), lane-keep assist, night-vision cameras and adaptive lighting—and most of these rely on windshield-mounted cameras to operate effectively.

The new service means that motorists will be able to drive away safely after only one visit to any of the 108 ADAS calibration centers operated by National Windscreens throughout the U.K., according to the company.

“The positioning of these cameras means that if windscreens need replacing then these cameras will also need calibration to ensure the safety systems continue to work as intended,” explains Tim Camm, technical manager for National Windscreens.

“We have invested $1.5 million USD (£1 million GBP) in the equipment and training needed for this calibration at our 108 fitting centers,” he adds. “Our customers can rely on the fact that we are using the leading calibration technology available to provide the widest possible coverage of all vehicle makes and models. Customers will also receive a certificate to show the work has been completed to the individual manufacturer’s specification.”

Some ADAS cameras and sensors can be calibrated by driving the vehicle (dynamic calibration), but a significant number of manufacturers require static calibration in workshop conditions to ensure accuracy, according to the company.

“In fact, our figures show that around 75 percent of all camera sensors should be calibrated under workshop conditions for accuracy which is why I am delighted that we have invested in maintaining a truly national fitting center network,” says Camm. “This means that, on average, a U.K. motorist is never more than 11 miles, or 20 minutes away, from a National Windscreens technician and can get both the replacement windscreen and camera calibration done in one visit.”

Pete Marsden, managing director of National Windscreens, adds: “The increasing use of ADAS is one of the biggest challenges in the vehicle glass replacement market and I am delighted to announce the launch of this truly U.K.-wide camera calibration service.”

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