Rhode Island Revises Auto Glass Regulations

The Department of Business Regulation in Rhode Island has released a revision to its regulation document that details the laws and regulations the auto glass repair industry must abide by. In the revision, the department updates ambiguous language that may have led to confusion in understanding certification and safety standards, which now cite 161-RICR-300-5-3. It’s effective as of January 25, 2017.

The department clarifies who falls under technician regulations, by updating its definition of a technician as an individual who performs motor vehicle glass repair or replacement in a licensed shop.

“’Technician’ means any individual employed (including owners, partners, independent contractors and all other individuals whether paid or unpaid) by a motor vehicle glass repair shop who performs repairs or replaces motor vehicle glass,” according to the regulation.

Additionally, the revision includes updated language clarifying that certifications need to be renewed every three years in order to familiarize individuals with current industry standards.

“DBR edited the language due to an ambiguity pointed out by commentary and has clarified that technician certifications need to be updated every three (3) years, or as required by the course provider, to stay current with industry safety standards and changes in technology,” according to the regulation.

Lastly, the revision states that licensees are responsible for implementing safety standards which the department has previously put into place.

“Licensees shall implement safety standards for motor vehicle glass repair and replacement that are consistent with: the original equipment manufacturer instructions and directions; the current Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (‘AGRSS’); and the current Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (‘ROLAGS’),” according to the regulation.

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