Skidmore Management Reveals More Details on Novus Deal

Fix Auto World announced yesterday that it purchased the assets of 11 glass and automotive aftermarket companies, previously owned by the Skidmore Group. This means quite a bit of change. In an exclusive interview today, spoke with Rick Christiaanse, chief commercial officer and vice president of operations at Skidmore Group, for further details about just what this means for the industry.

glassBYTEs: Garry Skidmore said in the press release that he is excited to join forces with Fix Auto World. Can you explain that a little more? Will he be staying for a transitory period?

Christiaanse: We will absolutely stay through a transition period but the long term relationship is the Skidmore family holds the rights for Novus in British Columbia so we will continue to be involved in the glass business. That was very important.

glassBYTEs: The Skidmore Group will retain corporate Novus locations in British Columbia. Why was the decision made to sell those 11 companies and why did they decide to keep the corporate locations in British Columbia?

Christiaanse: The Skidmore family has been in the glass industry for more than 70 years, and I always say they have glass in their veins. They wanted to stay in the business. From the industry perspective we are seeing rapid consolidation and we felt it was the appropriate time for long-term success for the Novus and Speedy brands in America to be tied to and connected to an organization like Fix who is a leader in the collision side of the business.

glassBYTEs: What changes do you foresee from franchisees. What can they expect? What are you hearing from them so far?

Christiaanse: We are hearing nothing but positive feedback. They are very pleased to hear about this. I expect that this will strengthen their business and will be positive for them.

glassBYTEs: Shat R Proof is a big supplier in the industry so what can your customers expect? What are you hearing from them?

Christiaanse: Shat R proof is one of our great brands and we expect nothing but continued success from that business. They understand our rationale and are looking forward to continuing to grow the business.

glassBYTEs What’s next for TCGI?

Christiaanse: TCGI is rebranding to the Skidmore Group and has launched a new website which talks about what else the Skidmore family is up to.

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