Car Windshield Stays in Place After Being Dragged by Truck

The windshield of a Nissan Maxima broke yet remained in place as the vehicle was dragged for more than half a mile by a truck along 15 Freeway in Los Angeles County on April 19th. In the video, the truck driver said he didn’t realize he was dragging the vehicle.

In the video, the Maxima’s tires are blown out and the driver can be seen waving his arms to get the attention of the truck driver and other vehicles on the road. Passing vehicles honked at the truck trying to get it to stop, which it eventually did more than half a mile down the freeway. According to a Los Angeles Times report, the Maxima became wedged after the truck changed lanes and collided with the car.

The video shows the front end of the Maxima completely pushed in and the windshield shattered. However, the windshield was able to remain in place and give the driver an extra layer of protection from the collision.

“[The windshield] did what it was supposed to,” said Bob Beranek, president of Automotive Glass Consultants Inc. “If it were to rollover or if he were tailgating it might not have held,” he added.

Neither driver sustained any serious injuries.

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  1. Professional drivers should take more time changing lanes and look as far ahead as possible to avoid sudden stopping while at the same time checking the mirrors often. This guy is no pro he dragged the car for 1/2 mile. Good thing the windshield held well.

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