Industry Firms Make Forbes’ World’s Biggest Public Companies List

Forbes recently released its 2017 Global 2000 list of the world’s biggest public companies. The list features several firms within the automotive glass industry, including Saint-Gobain and Fuyao Glass.

In the report, a company’s sales, profit, assets and market value are weighted equally to create a composite score and overall ranking. According to Forbes, the companies included in the Global 2000 list have a combined total revenue of $35.3 trillion.

Here are where firms in the automotive glass industry—as well as others that supply to the industry within their subsidiaries—stand in the rankings:

Dow Chemical (U.S.) – No. 113
Sales: $48.14 billion
Employees: 56,000
Other rankings: No. 160 in sales; No. 124 in profit; No. 351 in assets; No. 115 in market value.

Saint-Gobain (France) – No. 268
Sales: $43.24 billion
Employees: 172,696
Other rankings: No. 182 in sales; No. 444 in profit; No. 575 in assets; No. 423 in market value.

Corning (U.S.) – 433
Sales: $9.39 billion
Employees: 40,700
Other rankings: No. 965 in sales; No. 155 in profit; No. 881 in assets; No. 493 in market value.

AGC (Japan) – No. 989
Sales: $11.8 billion
Employees: 50,963
Other rankings: No. 766 in sales; No. 1,347 in profit; No. 1,313 in assets; No. 1,285 in market value.

Sika (Switzerland) – No. 1,158
Sales: $5.83 billion
Employees: 17,419
Other rankings: No. 1,460 in sales; No. 1,067 in profit; No. 789 in market value.

LKQ (U.S.) – No. 1,293
Sales: $8.91 billion
Employees: 42,500
Other rankings: No. 1,007 in sales; No. 1,294 in profit; No. 1,365 in market value.

Fuyao Glass Industry Group (China) – No. 1,813
Sales: $2.47 billion
Employees: 26,109
Other rankings: No. 1,258 in profit; No. 1,409 in market value.

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