Reliable Insurance Sends Email Recommending Glass Shop

Reliable Insurance Network, an independent agency servicing Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona, recently sent an email to its insureds recommending Safelite for all auto glass repair or replacement needs, specifically if the car is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). However, the email was not only sent to its auto insurance customers. 

According to one insured, the email he received reads, “New vehicles or vehicles that are a few years old have so many safety features and cool gadgets that at times can be overwhelming. But lets [sic] just talk about the safety features that are connected to your windshield or any of the windows of your vehicle.

“Have you thought of where the Lane Departure camera is located on your vehicle? It is attached to your windshield. So it [sic] you have to have your windshield replaced, it’s a little more complicated than just a replacement. Vehicles with ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, need to have the system recalibrated after the replacement of the windshield. That’s why our office recommends Safelite, they do both.”

The problem, the insured says, is that he only has homeowners insurance through the company, not auto.

In October 2016, Safelite announced in a press release its partnership with Bosh to introduce recalibration tools with the intentions of having them available in each of its markets by the end of 2016. However, no updates on its progress have been announced.

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  1. G says:

    Similar situation with Geico.

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