Florida Insurer Windshield Inspection Bill Clears Another Senate Committee

Florida state Sen. Dorothy Hukill’s proposed amendment to current legislation that would require an insurer’s inspection prior to a windshield repair or replacement cleared another Senate committee hearing.

“[Auto glass repair] companies have been lurking in parking lots, waiting by car washes—they actually came to my legislative office,” Hukill said as she addressed the Committee on Commerce and Tourism. “And they try to offer things of value to people so that they will file a claim. That’s going to drive up costs for everyone, and it puts the whole program that actually repairs or replaces windshields in jeopardy. These businesses cannot offer something in exchange for filing a claim for motor vehicle glass repairs or replacements.”

Hukill requested to amend the bill’s title back to its original, which reads, “A bill to be entitled an act related to motor vehicle insurance coverage for windshield glass,” as well as a clause that would prohibit a motor vehicle shop or any of its employees to offer a customer an incentive to file an auto glass claim.

The amendment reads, “… Offer to a customer a rebate, gift, gift card, cash, coupon, or any other thing of value in exchange for making an insurance claim for motor vehicle glass replacement or repair, including an offer made through a nonemployee who is compensated for the solicitation of insurance claims.”

Sen. Jose Rodriguez argued against Hukill’s proposal and stated, “We are moving from a bill that deals with insurance coverage between the insured and insurer and moving to something that deals with motor vehicle repair shops and subjecting them to civil penalties—very different from the title of the bill.”

However, the meeting concluded with seven “yeas” and one “nay,” allowing the bill to pass the Committee favorably.

Representatives from the auto glass community were present, though they were not able to speak due to time constraints.

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1 Response to Florida Insurer Windshield Inspection Bill Clears Another Senate Committee

  1. Shannon Robinson says:

    Sen. Dorothy Hukill intentionally came into the meeting 12 minutes from the end of the session to ensure there was no time for public comment. This was a slap in the face to small business owners in Florida. Another fine example of a public official being in the pocket of the insurance companies and glass giant Safelight.

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