Recent Hail Storm Gives Colorado Auto Glass Repair Shops Business

Wednesday’s hail storm left Colorado auto glass companies picking up the pieces, literally. Many car owners were met with broken windshields and windows following the storm. But when a storm so severe hits a large portion of a state at once, getting auto repairs can be time-consuming. This is due to multiple car owners fighting for select slots with both local and national auto glass repair shops. And several auto glass repair shops have been getting more damaged vehicles than they can handle.

“All of the managers and everyone is busy. We’ve been really working after the storm we just had,” said a Colorado Springs Safelite representative who only identified herself as Kim.

Storm experts said it started just after 1:30 a.m. with hail ranging from one to three inches that fell from the sky and damaged vehicles across the state. Stormer site and reported Fountain, Colorado Springs and Boyero as being just a few areas where hail hit hundreds of cars. High numbers in damage means auto glass repair shops can’t handle every broken windshield that comes in.

“It’s chaotic. We’ve been very busy and (we still) have many calls on hold,” a Colorado Springs Auto Glass representative who was identified as Andrea said.

But not all auto glass repair shops are feeling the rise in auto glass replacement demand.

“I’m actually not busy, but I’ll probably get more customers soon,” Terry Thomas, owner of Super Glass #238 said.

A person might think it would nearly impossible for most, if not all, auto glass companies to be busy fixing countless windshields and broken glass.

“You see, we primarily fix small cracks in your windshield, not typically full glass replacements. I’d say we’ll get more customers when big companies like Safelite aren’t going to be able to keep up with the demand. Then, companies like me will get their overflow,” Thomas said.

Even though the storm is over, Colorado isn’t out of the woods just yet. AccuWeather and the National Weather Service still have warning areas across the state with a possible rain storm ahead.

“Remnants of Hurricane Bud will first bring the potential for heavy rain to the mountains, primarily along the Continental Divide, on Saturday,” reads a statement from AccuWeather. The sheer thought of having more possible auto glass damage has some repair companies still on edge.

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