Beaming Through Auto Glass with New Methods

Auto glass experts at the conference had a full Friday afternoon between continued exhibitors, demos and seminars. Many were interested in learning new methods of windshield glass manufacturing and came to Dr. Mike Shevelev’s seminar.

Dr. Shevelev is the technology director at Gyrotron Technology. During his presentation he introduced the Gyrotron beam. Traditionally glass absorbs infrared from its surface, creating a temperature differential between inner and outer surfaces, according to his presentation. Heating patterns are able to change with the use of the company’s beam.

“The goal is to create uniform distribution across the glass and this beam allows that to happen,” Dr. Shevelev said. He used an interesting story to make the windshield heating process more relatable.

“Think of it like a microwave. When you use it to reheat food, like chicken, you have to rotate it to ensure the chicken has an equal amount of heat put onto it. This is the same concept,” he said.

The Gyrotron beam penetrates inside and heats glass plies uniformly across the entire glass thickness, making it a unique method of choice for those on the heating side of the industry.

Heating doublets by the Gyrotron beam eliminates gap and reduces the temperature that is needed to shape glass. As a result glass distortion is reduced by a factor of almost 4, according to Dr. Shevelev.

“…Because it’s a beam, its power distribution can be easily controlled,” he added.

A benefit to using a beam for heating windshields is that it can scan the entire glass surface and the glass immediately reacts to it. You are also able to change the speed that it scans with instantaneous results. This then creates a controllable distribution, he explained.

Another highlight about the beam is its shelf life. “It doesn’t have any moving parts and has nothing to repair or replace, our beam technology essentially does not expire,” Dr. Shevelev said.

The company offers demonstrations of its beam and welcomes those interested to see it in person.

Auto Glass Week wraps up today in San Antonio. Stay tuned to™ for more from the event.

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