Excitement at Every Turn on Day 1

Auto glass professionals began their journey through Auto Glass Week™ on the first day of the conference today. Guests and participants could take advantage of seminars and added programs like Morning Coffee with Carl Tompkins.

Morning Coffee with Carl Tompkins – Seven Tips to Success

Almost 60 people were up at 7 am to hear the seven tips to business success from industry veteran Carl Tompkins.

Carl Tompkins, an industry veteran with 44 years in the business, is set to retire at the end of this year. Before he does so, he gave his seven tips for business success to Auto Glass Week attendees. Approximately 60 people were there at 7 a.m. to hear his secrets to success.

Here are just a few snippets of his advice:

  • “If you don’t do what you say you are going to do, nothing else matters. Do you show up on time? Do you solve problems long before the customer feels the pain? Under promise and over deliver. Have a zero defect policy and no excuses are allowed.”
  • Always ask questions. “Live the ‘I don’t know, what I don’t know.’”
  • Dazzle me. “You have the opportunity to dazzle the customer 17 times in one transaction.”
  • “If you are not selling, you are losing.” Tompkins said great salespeople are worth their weight in gold. “They should yield you ten times what you pay them.”
  • “Everyone is in the people business. There is not one problem that doesn’t track back to a people-related issue. Do not say you don’t have time to train,” Tompkins said. “You know why you don’t have time to train, because you are too busy fixing people’s mistakes because you never trained them.”
  • “Right is not always easy but right is always right.”

AGW Opening Session

Dozens attended the opening session for Auto Glass Week, where guests heard a brief presentation from three leaders in the industry.

Dozens attended the opening session for Auto Glass Week, where guests heard a brief presentation from three leaders in the industry.

“I wish we had the Guinness World Record recorders here because this is the largest gathering the auto glass industry has ever had. We’re delighted you’re here,” said Debra Levy, Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) president, to open the event.

Levy also mentioned a few new additions for this year’s conference that include new demonstrations and meet-up lounges for additional questions and conversations after glass seminars.

AGSC vice president, Jean Pero, introduced new goals for the council. “We appreciate you being here to further your education in the industry and the council has been working to better expand several of our programs throughout the year,” Pero said.

So far the AGSC has introduced online training modules to help shops pass their certification test, in addition to expanding the council’s master tech program certification. Currently, 15 percent of glass shops across the United States are registered with the council, but the council is seeking more.

“Our next goal is to have 25 percent of glass shops across the country to be registered with us,” Pero said. “Another thing to note it that starting next year all techs need to be AGSC certified.”

Many in the industry agreed that having their auto glass technicians certified is a good customer selling point.

Executive director of the Independent Glass Association, Gary Hart, encouraged attendees to have an open discussion on NAGS. “

By all means go to the NAGS seminar, it’s the one thing I hear mostly about during the week, it’s Saturday morning with John,” Hart said.

National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) president Troy Mason was last but not least; he made an announcement that left the room speechless.

“Both groups [the AGSC and NWRA] will be joining and forming one organization,” Mason said.  Though both groups are different, they focus on similar central issues and have similar goals such as developing and maintaining standards for the industry. According to Mason, the main goal is reduce redundancy and combine resources.

“I do think that together the organizations will have a stronger voice, especially when it comes to legislation,” he said.

The show floor is now open in San Antonio. Stay tuned to glassBYTEs.com™ for the latest from the event.

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