New Windshield Patent May Change Auto Glass Repair + Replacement

Four Mexican inventors are changing the direction of automotive windshield breaks. The team, with Ford global technologies in Michigan, has worked on a way to create a defined break for laminated windshields that directs a break outward. Originally they filed for a patent in July 2016, and were recently granted a patent for their design in June of this year.

A laminated windshield is made up of an outer and inner layer of glass, while plastic or a specially designed film, is commonly found between both layers and is known as the interlayer. The main benefit of interlayers is that it holds the inner and outer layers of glass together if the windshield breaks, shatters or becomes damaged in any way. Doing this can help reduce the amount of injury those inside of the vehicle may face. But what about if a person or persons want to safely escape the vehicle?

Their design incorporates a break line with an outward path, the main goal is to provide a way out of the vehicle from the inside in the event of an emergency. As the break line is directed outward, it resists breaking inward, according to the patent, which then allows it to provide higher levels of protection to vehicle occupants.

“While laminated glass provides a number of significant safety benefits, it should be appreciated that it can make it very difficult to escape from the interior of a motor vehicle when the doors of the vehicle have been rendered inoperable. …[our] laminated windshield incorporates a break line engineered to break outward toward the outer glass layer thereby allowing one to actually break the laminated windshield in order to provide an emergency escape route from the motor vehicle,” according to an excerpt from the patent.

To view the patent, click here.

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5 Responses to New Windshield Patent May Change Auto Glass Repair + Replacement

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  2. Reid says:

    This is CRAZY!!!!! Have any of these guys ever even worked with laminated glass? And what happens when you are in a wreck? Does this NEW IDEA for windshields know that and sense the crash and hold together so that you will not be thrown threw the windshield? If you are trapped in a vehicle then you shatter the side glass for escape. But some manufactures have made the front door glass laminated (BAD IDEA) so then you will have to go out of the back. I would like to see their idea in action. Does the windshield totally detach from the vehicle? If not have fun with getting out without being cut to shreds. I have been installing automotive, commercial, and residential glass since 1998 and unless the glass detaches from the frame that it is installed in this will not work. One last thing, I would like to see someone sit in the seat of a car or truck and then crawl out through the windshield opening without glass. That is a trick in itself.

  3. David says:

    Like a keystone, eh?

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