As Crime Increases So Does Windshield Repair and Replacement

Automotive crime is unfortunate for many and shows no sign of completely stopping anytime soon. An increase in this type of crime could mean an increase in the amount of work for your shop, do you have enough technicians to handle an influx of customers?

“This year we had to bring someone else on just to help us with our work and get cars returned to customers on time,” Frank Klavon, Glass Doctor Franchise owner and Broward County Glass Doctor president, said.

Hiring one person might not be a long term solution to an even bigger problem – the growing need for skilled trades’ people.

“I mean it’s both a good and bad thing, the economy is good right now with unemployment at lower rates. At this point people already have jobs which make it difficult for business owners to hire seasonal auto glass repair help,” Klavon said.

This industry is based off of needs and that’s one thing that separates it from others, but not everyone gives cracked or shattered windshields a sense of urgency.

“No one really wants to drive around town with broken windshield glass after a break-in. It should be treated with urgency immediately after a burglary, but in our area it’s common to see people driving around with plastic or bags on their broken windows and windshields. Where’s the safety and security at that point,” Klavon added.

According to Klavon, car break-ins are seasonal, with many happening towards the end of summer and also around the holidays. He suggested a few ways for consumers to make their vehicles less of a target around peak seasons.

“Try not to leave any piles of coins or cash in the front seats or center console, as it gives a thief an easy location to go after. I also think everyone should not leave anything unattended in their vehicles at gas stations, I’m even guilty of this one … it only takes a split second for someone to approach your car when you’re inside. But most importantly I encourage everyone to use their common sense. If you give them a reason to break in and shatter your windshield they will,” Klavon said.

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