Some Auto Glass Companies Continue To Work Despite Colder Temperatures

It’s not uncommon for businesses to expect colder weather in the winter months. But what happens when a cold front comes in that has the potential to drop temperatures so cold that the air hurts your face when you take a step outside? According to NBC Chicago’s weather report, today’s high is negative 15 and with cold blasts predicted it could get even colder in the windy city. Some in the industry have shared some of their common practices for handling the extreme cold fronts.

“[Right now] we are trying to stay warm, and are only doing jobs at our location. Due to the weather we aren’t doing any mobile [work] until the temperature get above 45 degrees again,” said a representative, who chose not to be identified from Budget Auto Glass Discounters, in Manassas Park, Va.

Staying inside when it gets below 45 degrees might be a better option, not only to keep your business up and running, but also for your auto glass technicians. Currently a cold front swept across part of the country bringing freezing rain and snow to some states.
Some manufacturing plants have also been affected by the drop in temperature and have plans in place to combat it.

“The cold weather definitely affects our operations. We don’t close often. We’re pretty much a 365 kind of shop, but the freeze does force us to make adjustments. Just today we had to defrost our fork lift for a couple hours with a heater in order to load a 44 Tools order on a truck. Luckily, our team is always ready to bundle up and brave the frigid temperatures to help us stay on schedule. The bitter cold is definitely a pain in the butt, but with a couple of good heaters and a great team, we get through it,” said Jordan Campbell, Fusion Tools vice president, where it is currently 7 degrees at their Madison, Ill., location.

Some in the industry agree on having a plan ahead of time for cold weather to ensure your businesses remains going.

“I hope shops would follow any information provided by their urethane manufacturer, as some primers and urethanes can only be applied in a certain temperature. Personally on days like this I would not work my technicians,” said Larry Diesbach, Regional Auto Glass division manager.

“Our policy is the same, we stop all mobile auto glass work if it’s below 45 degrees outside,” said the Budget Auto Glass Discounters representative.

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