Volvo Releases Statement for Repair Shops

Volvo recently released a statement that involves what is to be used for windshield replacements on the company’s brand of vehicles. According to the company, it wants only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto glass used.

“Volvo Car USA LLC requires all windshield replacements on Volvo vehicles be performed according to Volvo standards at an authorized Volvo facility, using only Volvo Genuine Windshields and adhesives,” a portion of the statement reads.

Volvo also stated there are “many variants” for vehicle windshields as far as the aftermarket is concerned and that there isn’t a way to ensure all aftermarket windshields meet the same standards as the company. The new release aims to continue setting a standard for its vehicles by only recommending OEM.

“Volvo genuine windshields are manufactured to the same specifications as the windshield originally installed in vehicle at time of assembly, offering perfect fit, exact tolerances and maximum precision. Aftermarket alternatives may not meet these exact specifications and may affect the car’s passive safety technology, active safety functions as well as the overall rigidness of the body,” a portion of the statement reads.

It’s imperative to have the right windshield fit and to calibrate after replacing a windshield equipped with safety features for a customer, but Volvo claims if aftermarket glass is used the results might differ.

“Aftermarket windshield services may find it quite difficult to properly recalibrate” a portion of the statement reads.

To read the full statement, click here.

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