New Site Launched For LYNX Services

LYNX Services unveiled a new site for uploading invoices and dispatched work today. The site has been active for a few weeks and several glass retailers have been using it.

Starting today all transaction related fax numbers to LYNX Services will be out of service. In a release the company stated, “going forward all manual invoice submissions for LYNX Services dispatched work can either be uploaded or submitted via US Mail.”

All uploaded invoices will have a higher processing priority and are set to be recorded immediately upon receipt and electronically routed to its appropriate queue for processing. In order to upload an invoice several pieces of information are needed. Those items include:

  • The LYNX Services dispatch number;
  • The last name of the policyholder (as indicated on the LYNX Services dispatch confirmation);
  • The Federal Tax ID (EIN) of the company having received the dispatch; and
  • The 6 characters appearing in the CAPTCHA test.

“LYNX Services will neither accept, acknowledge receipt, nor process an invoice for glass work not dispatched by LYNX Services,” the company said in a release.

Last year LYNX Services introduced its new site for uploading proofs of purchase and calibration reports when a preliminary authorization approval is issued. The goal was to expedite processing and discontinue the use of incoming fax transmissions, according to the company.

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