Geico’s Florida Fraud Case May Get a New Date

Geico Insurance Co.’s (Geico) Florida lawsuit against Shazam Auto Glass, LLC, (Shazam) and its owner, Sean Martineau, might have a new date in court. Yesterday Martineau and his company, requested an extension to respond to Geico’s allegations against them.

Geico alleges Shazam and Martineau are responsible for a “fraudulent scheme” that included falsifying windshield replacement services totaling more than $340,000. Geico is seeking to recover financial damages under the civil racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act (RICO) statutes.

The defendants (Martineau and Shazam) stated they were served with the insurance company’s complaint earlier this month, but according to the newly filed court document, Martineau is requesting an additional 21 days to file a response.

“The issues raised in the complaint are complex and numerous. Given the extensive allegations of the complaint and the short period of time remaining before [the] defendants’ answer or response is due pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 12, defendants’ counsel requires additional time to parse the extensive allegations with respect to each defendant, to formulate a defense strategy, to explore potential counterclaims, and to draft a comprehensive response,” a portion of the court document reads.

The defendants are requesting the date be pushed back to July 19, 2019 to allow enough time for its legal counsel to gather enough evidence to respond to the claims of falsified windshield replacement services for several years.

Currently Geico still claims Shazam at no point in time kept automotive glass, had auto glass repair or replacement tools, did not maintain any vehicles, and did not perform any physical work on a customer’s vehicle. This is also a claim that the defendant’s mentioned would be addressed in its response.

Geico aims to recover its financial damages which total more than $340,000 from the defendants for their alleged fraudulent scheme. Meanwhile the court has yet to approve the proposed response extension date of July 19, 2019.

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