Recent Webinar Highlights the Future of First Notice of Loss Claims

Advancements in first notice of loss (FNOL) are already available and the benefits to integrating more technology could boost a customer’s overall experience, according to Michael Naoom in his recent webinar.

Naoom is the assistant vice president of Safelite Solutions claims experience, during his webinar, which was sponsored by CIECA (Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association), he highlighted how digital FNOL impacts customer satisfaction. He mentioned now is the time to “make auto insurance claims work for everyone.” But in order to do that companies first must know what makes the best claims experience.

“There are several factors that can make customers happy, we’ve found that understanding the customer’s experience and being able to follow them through the process seamlessly plays a large role,” Naoom said.

He also mentioned the customer “want” for insurers to “act more like modern retailers.” Naoom explained this as the customer want for insurers to be more relatable and not be as focused on the standard “script.” Instead, he noted, insurers who are able to listen effectively and who have technology that auto-fills basic questions like “what’s your policy number and current address” end up having higher numbers of satisfied insureds.

“Thanks to the 2017 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power, we have seen on average a total of 17 or more days from FNOL to the initial estimate for a customer following an accident. In today’s society waiting that long for an estimate is not acceptable. Customers want information at an instant and insurance companies should work to offer faster solutions,” said Naoom.

Naoom mentioned the rise of eFNOL, or electronic first notice of loss and iFNOL, or intelligent first notice of loss. Although it might not be “a cure-all” solution it is something Naoom mentioned companies should consider because the insurance industry struggles to remain digitally relevant.

“Claims handlers that are supported by iFNOL capabilities don’t have to follow the standard script and customers have stated they like the empathy they receive when claims are handled in this form,” Naoom mentioned.

A few key features of eFNOL include:

  • Claims handlers not having to follow a script;
  • Customers may be sent a link via text, email, or web app;and
  • The customer can document incidents via videos and photos.

Naoom says the result of the key features saves a lot of frustration had by the customer, as well as time spent per claim for the insurer.

As the webinar concluded general questions were taken from attendees. The overall goal was to show the importance of FNOL developments as it relates to overall customer satisfaction, and why it matters to the industry.

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