AAA Reports Highlight Gains in Knowing Vehicle Glass Types

“Approximately 33% of 2018 vehicle models have laminated windows,” according to the National Auto Glass Specification catalog. Meanwhile, most of your customers aren’t aware of what glass their vehicle has, which can be hazardous for them, according to recent data from AAA. Good Morning America and AAA worked together to publicize the issue in a story that aired July 17th.

AAA’s report highlights the benefits of knowing the difference between laminated and tempered vehicle glass, as it relates to driver safety when needing to escape their vehicle in the event of an emergency.

“The majority of vehicle side windows are made from tempered glass, which shatters into small pieces when broken. But an increasing number of vehicles are being built with laminated side window glass, which is stronger, quieter and much more difficult to break,” a portion of the report reads.

Good Morning America aired a segment which showed the physical impact differences between both types of vehicle glass.

“[Laminated vehicle glass] can reduce the amount of outside noise heard inside the vehicle. It is the standard material for windshields due to the greater need for impact protection and shatter resistance. Due to its increased strength, laminated glass is becoming more common in other areas of the vehicle, such as side windows, to aid in mitigating occupant ejection,” a portion of the report reads.

Through AAA’s glass-breaking tests it found:

  • Four of the six tools that were used, were successful in breaking the tempered glass,
  • Two of the tools failed to break through the tempered glass on the side windows, and
  • None of the tools were able to successfully break the laminated glass.

“The research indicates that it is nearly impossible to break through laminated windows without specialized equipment,” a portion of the report reads.

To view the full report, click here.

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