Windshield Wiper Systems Lawsuit Could Result in a $6M Settlement

Tiffin Motor Homes, Inc. (TMH), which represents a proposed class of direct purchasers, recently asked a Michigan Federal Court judge to approve a $6,216,176 settlement against Mitsuba Corp. (Mitsuba) and Denso Corp. (Denso) in a windshield wiper systems lawsuit. The settlement, according to court documents, would cover TMH’s attorney’s fees along with litigation costs and expenses.

The windshield wiper systems case is one part of the “overall automotive parts antitrust litigation that was centralized by the judicial panel on multidistrict litigation in 2012.” Both Mitsuba and Denso have been accused of fixing prices on a variety of automotive parts, according to court documents. The multidistrict litigation lawsuit was filed after the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) began investigating a price-fixing conspiracy in the auto parts industry, according to court documents.

“The first case was filed in December 2013, and settlements were reached in 2018 and 2019. If the proposed settlements with the defendants become final under the terms of the settlement agreements, the claims in this litigation will be fully resolved,” a portion of court documents reads.

Court documents state, TMH claimed those who purchased automotive products from Mitsuba and Denso were injured by paying more money for items than they would have paid in the absence of alleged illegal conduct.

According to TMH, if the settlement is approved Mitsuba will be responsible for $6.1 million while Denso would be responsible for the remaining amount, this is an effort to “escape allegations that both companies fixed prices on windshield wiper systems.”

“What remains for the court to determine is whether the requested fee is reasonable and fair to the class members,” says court documents.

Currently TMH is awaiting a decision from the Federal Court on whether or not its settlement request of $6,216,176 against Mitsuba and Denso will be approved. The settlement, according to court documents, would cover TMH’s attorney’s fees along with litigation costs and expenses. At this time the court has not scheduled a date for the settlement request. Look to future editions of glassBYTEs for more updates on this case.

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