LKQ Announces Promise of Calibration

LKQ Corporation announced this week its Promise of Calibration which “warrants that all recycled OEM, reconditioned OEM and KeysIQ parts purchased directly from LKQ and installed on a private passenger vehicle, are suitable for the calibration of appropriate ADAS components with properly operating systems.”

The company adds that alternative replacement parts along with glass sold by LKQ companies are now additionally warranted to permit vehicle calibration on any ADAS equipped car, truck or SUV.

“Providing this level of comfort and commitment for our parts and services benefits all stakeholders within the collision repair and glass industries including repair shops, insurers, and most importantly, vehicle owners. No other alternative parts provider supports and services customers like LKQ,” said Terry Fortner, LKQ North American vice president of sales and marketing.

The Promise of Calibration is a complement to LKQ’s Promise of Protection, which was introduced in 2012.

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