Safelite EVP Discusses Leadership

“Don’t try to plan it all out. Some of us are so linear and put timeframes on ourselves that actually put on more pressure and be open to an opportunity that might be different from what they were thinking because you just never know where that path will take you,” Renee Cacchillo, Safelite executive vice president and chief customer experience officer, said as she recalled what advice she would give to those newly in their careers during an interview.

Cacchillo gave an overview of her career and methods that have helped her advance during a podcast with Columbus Business First. During the interview she highlighted not only her strengths as a leader, but also her failures and how she’s learned from them.

“There’s not a part of me that’s thinks ‘I’m a powerful woman in business,’ it’s just not how I’m wired,” Cacchillo said. I have a really strong work ethic and love to work. For me, I just want to be a really good person. I want to be a person that other people can believe in and who can help others.”

Throughout her career in customer service she mentioned relying on several mentors, many of which she still is in contact with today. Cacchillo recalled instances where she has been a mentor to others.

“I have people who will drop me a text and say ‘hey can we grab a coffee? I have two opportunities I’ve been thinking about, how would you approach it?’ So yes I still have people that I continue to network with,” Cacchillo said. “There have also been instances where team members leave because an opportunity came up that they never though they would get. I always let them know we’d love to have you come back, but if not I’d still love to help you be successful,” she added.

But even with helpful mentors, there are still times where mistakes were made. Cacchillo said one of her biggest mistakes was not making enough of them. She then defined herself as someone who was nervous at times to break out of pre-set boundaries.

“I think in my mind I was always a little too much of a perfectionist and with the expanded responsibility [of her current role] I’ve really had to learn to trust my team and to earn their trust so that I can help and guide them more,” she recalled.

When recalling the best decision she had made throughout her career, she paused before saying it was when she decided to take a risk where she knew she could fail.

“I think for me it’s been to take a risk, a risk where I knew I could fail, I took a risk that I could lead an area and not know if I was going to be successful at it,” Cacchillo said.

Since taking over her responsibilities with her present role at Safelite she has been successful leading her team, of which she attributes taking each day at a time.

“The thing that I did to be successful – I just took a piece at a time,” Cacchillo said. “I didn’t try to swallow it all or be all that the next day.”

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

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  1. Matthew C says:

    This is laughable. This is the worst leader ever. Unless indecisive, dishonest and phony are leadership criteria. She would steal from her own family to climb the ladder. Burns everyone in her path, most of which are good people.

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