Auto Glass Businesses Still Going Strong During Latest Snowstorm

A recent snowstorm that included blizzard conditions in some areas reached several states across the upper Northeast and Midwest. It started over the weekend and is expected to continue through today, according to Accuweather meteorologists. Some areas have already taken measures to limit the amount of activity on the roads.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in seven counties, including the State Capital, Albany.

Auto Glass Impact

But auto glass businesses in the area continue to hang tough.

“We have seen a little uptick in phone calls since the storm, but we certainly did not get hit as hard as other states. In Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, we got about four to five inches of snow and that was a slow accumulation throughout the day. Our Honesdale branch got around nine inches of snow. Overall it was a pretty controlled storm in our area,” Kevin Zeiss, Mesko Glass automotive department general manager, said when referring to the company’s Pennsylvania locations.

“This past storm, I don’t know if it has contributed to any actual spike in our business yet,” said Tim Siterlet, Carlex Glass America regional sales manager.

“Actually, business has been steady since the snowstorm. Some people will wait to replace their windshields and say ‘Oh a rock hit my windshield yesterday and now it’s snowing. I have time.’ and they’ll wait until after the holidays, so it’s good to prepare for that,” Robert Brisley, Hyperformance Glass Products president, said.

Preparing for Snowstorms

Regardless of the amount of snow acquired, preparation is seen as a benefit to the industry, as it helps your customers.

“We always make sure that our logistical chain is fortified and that we have enough stock on hand. We try to make sure we can plan for it. We’re proactive, because it’s not a question of if a snowstorm will come, but rather when will it come. That’s a part of being prepared and being able to deploy products for our customers when they need them,” said Brisley.

“We’re a glass manufacturer and we’re ready with products when they [glass shops] need it,” said Siterlet.

Has your business been impacted by the recent Northeastern snowstorm? If so, leave us a comment on how you’ve been keeping up with demand.

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