Bark Shares How Things Have Changed For His Family Since This Summer

Earlier this year glassBYTEs introduced you to Jamie Bark, owner of Value Auto Glass in Hudson, Wis., and his family. Several things have changed since the auto glass industry rallied and began donating to support the Bark family through his GofundMe page so glassBYTEs reached out to Bark for an update.

His daughter Gabbie has a form of Muscular Dystrophy (MD), called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type two (SMA). Meanwhile her mother, Bark’s wife Jackie, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) six years ago. Unfortunately her condition progressed into Progressive MS two years ago, according to Bark.

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“A lot has happened and it’s been wild. I’d say in October we had 26 doctor appointments in the family, so it was a hard month to try to work,” Bark recalled. “And then in the beginning of November my daughter started coming down with a cold and then I also caught it too, and then the Sunday before Thanksgiving she was admitted to the hospital.”

Both Bark and Gabbie stayed in the hospital for nine days, which Bark described as pretty intense, as he missed more time working in his auto glass shop.

“I missed pretty much a whole month of work during that period,” Bark recalled.

Although it might seem as if the challenges kept piling up, a few positive things have happened for the family, which according to Bark include:

  • Being adopted by a local church this Christmas so both of the Bark girls could receive presents;
  • $400 was raised for the family through an organization Bark’s dad is a part of;
  • Having the non-profit, The Best Christmas Ever, surprise the family with gifts, a financial donation and a dinner; and
  • There’s a benefit being discussed to help the Bark family by the family of the special services personnel at Gabbie’s school.

“It was so overwhelming to see my girls astounded for something good. I mean there’s so many presents my daughter can barely get around our living room in her wheelchair. Both of my girls are so excited,” Bark said.

Due to Gabbie’s health she has had to start bringing medical equipment to school, which has caused her father Jamie to start driving her and picking her up from school daily.

“I have from 9 am to 2 pm for workable hours and because of this I’ve been thinking about closing this physical location and continuing to do jobs on a mobile basis,” Bark said. “The kindness of friends, family and strangers has helped our family get by these past few months and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support.”

Industry members who would like to contribute can do so on the family’s GofundMe page.

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  1. Larry Diesbach says:

    An amazing man, who always seems to stay positive no matter how hard life gets. I admire his ability to make it thru these very difficult times and keeping his head up.

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