Ford and Allstate Make A Connected Car Insurance Partnership

Ford recently announced a deal with Allstate that would allow the automaker to share some of the data from the inside of connected 2020 vehicles with Allstate. According to Ford, the insurance company has a program that tracks mileage – Milewise, which is currently active in 14 states.

Milewise allows the customer to pay for only the miles they drive, according to Allstate. For years automotive insurance companies have used telematics devices that connect to the diagnostic port inside of a vehicle or collect data via an app running on the user’s smartphone. Allstate says it expects data collected directly from integrated modems and future vehicles to replace these devices.

Allstate, and other insurance companies, have been expanding programs that track drivers to offer discounts for safe driving habits or coverage about miles driven. Allstate is currently testing a program that would allow customers to see how driving habits would impact their specific insurance premiums.

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