Safelite Solutions Stops Contact Center Operations for SGC Network

Safelite Solutions (Safelite) has announced that on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, Safelite will cease contact center operations for SGC Network Shop Care and transition service needs to its digital channels, due to decreased volume, according to the company’s announcement. All calls will be directed to contact Safelite via email or through the new, enhanced online experience.

“For all approvals, pricing, and status checks, shops will be directed to contact Safelite via email at or via self-service using Third party shops can access support through the online SGC network help center,” a portion of the announcement reads.

Click here to see the full announcement.

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19 Responses to Safelite Solutions Stops Contact Center Operations for SGC Network

  1. Norton Glass says:

    We are needing an approval for a back window for a 2002 Ford F Series F250 4 Door The part on the claim is DB10840 YPY We can only get the DB10840 GTY we would like approval for this part.

  2. Norton Glass says:

    The Referral Number is 870153 Harold Mizell

  3. Charles D Hicks says:

    Referral # 951362 for 2019 Ram Quad Cab has the wrong glass #of 12977 YPY. The correct # should be DB 12980 YPY MOP slider non heated back glass. Charles D. Hicks at Hicks Glass House

  4. RICKY PARSON says:

    Needing approval for windsheild moldings. Referral #271471, Leo Keenan 15 Ford flex.

  5. Jay Haralson says:

    I need approval on a Audi R8
    Oem glass.
    This car does not show up in nags !
    So I need nags hours pricing for this car .
    And how to bill this .

  6. Mark Swiatek says:

    Need status on referral #501030 . Have not received payment, over 30 days old.

  7. Brendan says:

    Hello can please let me know when payment will be sent for REF# 090695 thank you Superglass

  8. jack,s auto says:

    have not received payment referral # 070809 it way over 30 day,s old

  9. Fawn Zion says:

    They won’t pay me on my referrals, refuse to contact me back in a timely manner in some cases taking up to a month and half to respond via email and when they do respond they skirt around my concerns and give answers that don’t correlate. We’ve pretty much been cut off from the insurance world by them and they’re keeping OUR money it looks like. Pathetic.

  10. Jacqueline Adams-Cook says:

    I need parts information that was for referral #592083,

  11. Russell Hanney says:

    I am looking for the total price that you will cover to replace a windshield on a 2015 350 GLK Mercedes the damage to happen on January 28 of 2021.

  12. Russell Hanney says:

    I am taking my Mercedes to the Mercedes dealership to have the windshield replaced. Mercedes will not deal with insurance so I have to get reimbursement through myself I’ve already started a claim with connect insurance. And like I said I’m looking for the price that you will cover on the replacement

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  14. 5 3 Direct says:

    This Blog Is a Very Great

  15. Hector Ortiz says:

    This has to be the worst idea ever created. I am new to the industry and am already fed up with how slow responses are and lack of real support.

  16. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Can you provide an actual Allstate claim number? The referral number is 595188.

  17. Scott Bigby says:

    This place is a joke the shop that re-placed my glass has been waiting for 2 months to get paid, my next step will be to the insurance commissioner.

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