Class Action Complaint Filed Against Land Rover For Alleged Windshield Leaking Issue

TH Chiro, PLLC has become the lead plaintiff in a class action complaint, filed in Tennessee, against Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC (JLRNA). In the class action complaint, Chiro alleges the auto manufacturer is responsible for windshield leaks that cause internal damage to select vehicle models. He is seeking financial reimbursements for damages.

According to the class action complaint, Land Rover Discovery windshields leak and have caused dashboard computer system failures due to excess water damage. The class action complaint stated 2013 to 2020 Land Rover Discovery SUVs were impacted. Chiro alleges he lost all dashboard controls, signals, messaging and instrumentation after water leaked into the computer system from his vehicle’s windshield. “This created dangerous driving conditions, a problem allegedly common in 2017 Discovery SUVs,” said Chiro.

After water allegedly leaked into the SUV from the windshield. Chiro took his vehicle to the dealership for repairs and was allegedly told windshield leaks were a common problem from JLRNA, according to the class action complaint. Chiro claims his SUV was at the dealership for two months before he was notified to pick up the vehicle. According to the class action complaint, Chiro’s Discovery had a moldy odor, oh which he stated was from the dealership allegedly leaving the vehicle “closed up, wet and un cleaned for two months.” The complaint alleges JLRNA would not resolve the leaking windshield issues Chiro experienced.

“Land Rover allegedly knew about the windshield problem with its Discovery models but actively concealed the windshield leak defect,” a portion of the class action complaint reads.

The class action complaint states Land Rover should reimburse customers the purchase price of its Discovery “if the SUV sustained serious damage from a leaking windshield.” According to Chiro, the 2017 Discovery SUVs should be recalled because of its windshield leaking issues and should be “properly repaired by the automaker” as well as an extend windshield warranty for impacted vehicles.

Due to the allegations mentioned in Chiro’s class action complaint, he is seeking a trial by jury as well as financial reimbursements. As of press time the defendant have not responded to glassBYTEs’ request for comment on the complaint. Look to a future edition of glassBYTEs for more information on this suit.

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72 Responses to Class Action Complaint Filed Against Land Rover For Alleged Windshield Leaking Issue

  1. Ashley says:

    2016 landrover discover leaky windshield lights are out

    • Deborah J Stewart says:

      I purchased my 2019 Land Rover Discovery in September last year. The windshield started leaking while I was driving. When I call the certified service shop they told me a bunch of confusing stuff with no real solutions. They told me to leave my vehicle there for weeks until they could evaluate the leak to verify that it is related to the recall. They also told me that I needed a new windshield and that they are on back order. They wouldn’t even schedule an appointment for me. I was just supposed to drop off my Land Rover with no idea when they would check it, not repair it, or even order the windshield. Has the class action suit been settled? Is there a number to call?

  2. S says:

    My 2017 Discovery leaked from the windshield. I now have gearbox failure and waiting for the dealership to tell me the next move. I will not wait 2 months. I will be provided weekly updates. I will not be charged for a defected design. Who or how do I go about contributing my complaint to a factory recall?

    • Tisha Nesbitt says:

      Same deal with my vehicle. New windshield was on backorder and has been with the dealership for a couple weeks now for repairs. It’s been repaired but now waiting for new carpet to be replaced because of the water damage. If I’m being honest I don’t want the car back with all these issue. If I can contribute to this please let me know how.

      • Matt says:

        Same issue with my 2020 Disco exactly. How can I join a class action? So much water leaked in that there was standing water in the car. I moved and the new dealership refuses to put me in their system and says the windshield are back-ordered. Meanwhile, my car is still wet and stinky inside (going on 6 weeks now). center electronics are off and on shorting out. The dealership won’t get me a loaner either – this is my family’s only car. The dealership today told me to “total it” with my insurance carrier. Corporate gave me a case number and they just completely ignore all communications.

        • Brock Baker says:

          I am contacting corporate and have a case number as well, but it has been 5 weeks and they are barely responsive. No updates yet. I am working Carolyn Bryan and JLR north america.

  3. Anthony Migliore says:

    My 2019 discovery Si6 started to leak from the windshield in late November. Called to schedule and they were 1 month out. After explaining the urgency of the situation, they found an opening 3 weeks out. I was told this appointment was only to verify the windshield leak and that replacement windshields were on back order.They have no time table for arrival. I have since had to apply a rubber mastic tape at the crease of the upper seam of the windshield. This made the situation more managable. I now have a musty odor in my car and an ugly tape job on my windshield.

  4. Jennifer Spaulding says:

    This will be my second time having this happen to my 2017 discovery

  5. Edgar says:

    This situation on windshield leaking is very nasty and Jaguar Land Rover in the United States need to recover all those that are with Assembling wrong doing overall windshield and replaced immediately without wasting time
    I’m in the same shoes right now and it’s devastating to have a nice brand new car leaking water I do wish to have the Jaguar Land Rover CEO driving one of those leaking water, then they probably understand the urgency to fix immediately the issue, here in Miami is raining daily and have to drive with issue, not when I’m paying to the bank car loan I do feel stupid that is confusing Jaguar Land Rover need to take action according to the issue windshield leaking Land Rover discovery, I’m thinking to give up in returned to the dealer and call the bank to deal with this issue and stop paying the car and take to court Jaguar Land Rover to investigate the manufacture quality control, or Toyota has to teach them high quality control in every process of assembling vehicles ‍♂️

  6. Mike Venter says:

    My Landrover Discovery 2017 has had leaky windshield from day one. Its been back at the dealer multiple times for repairs and every time after repair I was told it would never leak again. This seems to be a known issue and deliberate cover up by Landrover to lie low and not take action.

    This issue has compromised my safety and my family on numerous occasions. I am willing to join any class action lawsuit to resolve this annoying issue.

  7. Jackie says:

    My windshield is leaking on my Discovery 2018. It’s been at the dealer for over three weeks. I went to get some of my belongings out and it smelled musty. I let the service guys know and I documented it. I wondered why it was taking so long now I assume the windshields are on back order.

  8. John W Hey says:

    Same thing. After taking on water my vehicle ‘went dark’ going down the road. The electrical system is now all whacky. The eta for a windshield from the UK has been pushed back twice. I called Jaguar NA and they admitted they have orders from LAST YEAR that are not filled yet. Now my thermostat etc is not working either. I fear I have a lemon Worst vehicle I’ve ever owned. A Land Rover for God’s sake. I tracked down this lawer and his paralegal answered and I got a “we can’t talk about it” so that tells me JNA is negotiating.

  9. Stephen says:

    My 2019 New Discovery had an undetected windshield leak from May 2020 until last week, when after a rainy 3 days, my car footwells and structure underneath the floors filled entirely with water. All the electronics started to fail last weekend. The water was a half inch above the carpets, and at every turn or stop light, an enormous quantity of water could be heard sloshing back and forth under the floors. When I opened each door, about a quarter gallon of water would pour out from the frame. This situation is extremely disconcerting. I am very concerned about all of the electronics and the ability to now repair the damages. It has been at the garage for 3 days now, but they have called to say that it will be a long time to fix everything. The staff at the garage seemed to immediately know that it was related to my windshield.

  10. Kelly Bates says:

    I am in the sam situation with my 2018 Discovery. I have had the windshield replaced once and now it is back in for a second time with the same problem.

  11. nicole Pagonis says:

    My 2018 discovery had smelled funky all January and I couldn’t figure out why
    Then a large storm hit and the entire car was flooded.
    My car has been in the shop for over 5 weeks and I am told I am #384 on the list for repairs. The manager at the dealership literally told me “this has been a known problem for years, I am surprised your took so long to leak”. I am concidering getting an attorney

  12. Adolfo Llamas says:

    Mine leaked and got everything soaked, they are letting it sit smelling horrible for almost 3 weeks before they look at it, even though they had already verified the leak days before it happened.

    Where can I join this class action?

  13. Mrs C says:

    I have a 2017 Discovery 5, with all the bells and whistles, it was $150k. I think it is a lemon. We had the musty smell within the first yr. Turns out the water was leaking through the windshield. Windshield replaced. 2 yrs down the track, and we have one of the worst Storms on the east coast of australia. But still you would think it was water tight. NO..musty smell back, but this time when we open car doors, a river runs out of the car. We were able to drive, with no issue, but the following day the electrics had a fit. Managed to get car started, and drive to Landrover – having said that no computer, no speedometer, no indicators functioning. The car now sits at the service centre, unable to be started. In fact they say it may have to be written off. Where does that leave us??

  14. Jaime Castillo says:

    Same situation with my 2018 Discovery. I dropped the car off for repair on March 8th and after 15 days I’m still waiting. Apparently the new windshield is on backorder. I suspected that something wrong was going on when the immediate suggestion, just after I showed to the service advisor a photo of the soaked passenger side window frame, was that the windshield needed to be replaced . It seems that this is going to take a while since it is a common issue on the Discovery. I will highly appreciate any advise to start a claim or join other owners in a class action. I am not willing to spend my Lease time driving a loaner.

  15. Wilfred Ferguson says:

    Same happened here with the 2017 Range Rover Evoque

  16. Wilfred Ferguson says:

    Same happened here with the 2017 Range Rover Evoque. Leaked onto dashboard and carpet as well as interior overhead. Nothing but problems with this car.

  17. Michelle Jones says:

    I have a 2017 Discovery that the windshield is leaking, getting the inside of the car very wet!! Now the auto lights do not work. Contacted dealership 2 about this issue.

  18. Michael Lambros says:

    I can only reiterate the comments from above, Hunt Valley Land Rover of Baltimore, fixed my leaky Evoque, only to have it begin leaking again later into the covid lock down, so now they say my warranty is up and they want me to pay for the repair. Land Rover USA has a service bulletin N221 on the leak and they still won’t support the repair.

  19. Gretchen Artig says:

    Same deal with my 2017 discovery. Windshield leak, leading to complete computer failure. I want to join this class action suit. I have been waiting for weeks to get my car repaired.

  20. Rick Hughes says:

    2018 Discovery. Just started leaking profusely. Drivers seat, centre console, instrument cowl saturated from a brief 10 mins shower. Drove into garage, dried the sunroof and seals and checked by pouring water on join. No leak. Poured water at windscreen join – Flores down the inside of the windscreen and out of headliner. Probably 10 mL came through from 250 mL poured! How does this fail so badly?

  21. Jack says:

    2019 discovery leaking!
    Omg this is so bad from this brand!
    My leaked today and I was checking online to see if any others are same as me! And I found tonne of people who have this same problem!! Fk me..there go out dream car..

  22. Trey says:

    Unfortunately i have to join this thread. 2017 Discovery with a leaking windshield. Thankfully I’ve discovered it before our rainy season in the Pacific Northwest but this sucks! What can we do? Who do we call? My AEB, LKA, Blind Spot and Driver Fatigue are not available. We bought this for the safety features and now they do not work due to this water intrusion! If anyone can provide any information please do.

  23. G. says:

    Same problem with my 2016 Evoque (still under bumper-bumper warranty).
    1st leak caused mold, several important electrical components shorted out. LR Dealership supposedly repaired it under the N221 windshield water ingress recall.

    Then it happened again…this time even more electrical systems completely fried, including ability to start car with smart key. Water was streaming down onto the dash. Visibility compromised.

    LR Dealership AND Land Rover USA corp refuse to pay for this repair, daring to claim it’s just windshield wear and tear (even though it was JUST fully replaced a year and a half prior?).

    They’re not even covering the repair under the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty, much less factor in basic logic that THEIR manufacturing defect continues to plague this vehicle — and MANY other LR models.
    Very confident another leak will happen…which safety features will malfunction THEN while I’m driving?

    Every LR owner forum includes post after post verifying the never-ending water ingress defects…and I wish MORE PEOPLE WOULD VOICE THEIR COMPLAINTS and not feel helpless!

    I rarely post reviews or complain, but Land Rover has proven to be abysmal at customer service (just google it…they’re at the bottom of the list).

    They’d rather focus all their $ and energy into advertising to lure consumers into buying these poor-quality money trap cars…then COMPLETELY abandon customers who put trust in their product claims and warranty assurances.

    NEVER would have bought this car if I knew the warranty was basically useless, especially had I known the dangerous defect issues with water leaks would never be resolved.

    Folks, I’m on board with a class action for ALL the models affected.
    LR is getting away with this fraud and wrongdoing because not enough people file complaints and seem to feel helpless!

    Wish more would go to NHTSA dot gov and lodge complaints, as well other sites to raise attention to these VERY LEGITIMATE SAFETY CONCERNS.
    The more awareness and attention on these problems, the more likely something can be done.

  24. Natasha says:

    Here is my friends Range Rover Leaking in Rain –

    The same situation for him as G(earlier post), parts are 7 months backlog, and LR told him to wait for 7 months as his car is leaking every passing storm.

    I was about to buy an LR and he personally drove me to Porsche. FYI, He works for the TATA group, aside from marketing, that TATA group companies are as shady as they get. 

  25. Gwendolyn Young says:

    Omg I got in my car the other day and water was everywhere and I immediately went to the dealer and was just told it’s a leaking windshield and now my check engine light is on and giving all kinds of codes.

    Not happy! I’ve only been in the vehicle for 4 months. I will not be waiting two months for my car to be repaired and if there is electrical damage because of this they will be taking this car back.

    I want in on this class action suit.

  26. Susan Distin says:

    I am having the same issue on my 2018 Discovery HSE. I finally got my car back after LR having it for 4 months to replace my engine only to now have this happen. My engine light is back on my car is filled with water. I too would like in on this lawsuit.

  27. Renee Cavalier says:

    Minnesota – 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport leaky windshield I had to do something , I had w/s replaced, still leaking

  28. Seanstokes says:

    We have a 2019 Land Rover the windshield leaking. Took two month tkk on replace the windshield. Lasted 3 months now it’s leaking again.

  29. Julie says:

    Nevada – My 2020 Evoque’s windshield is leaking also. Previously, I have been having electronic issues and am now wondering if that has something to do with it. The dealership has had my car for three days and has not given me any information.

  30. Todd says:

    Our 2017 Discovery First Edition just had the exact same thing happen in a recent rain storm in California. The water was sloshing around in the floorboards and fried the electrical. The dealer knew exactly what it was before I did, stating that this is a common issue with the Discovery. The car is two months out of warranty with fewer than 40,000 miles. The dealership just gave me the estimate to fix at 20,000.00! I’m completely dumbfounded. Here is a company that advertises that you can drive these vehicles through a river, yet a simple rain event renders the vehicle completely useless and it will break us to fix it. I’d love to find a class action lawsuit to join. I’m so upset that I feel sick to my stomach.

  31. Mary says:

    I have a 2018 Discovery and my windshield is leaking. They will have my car for over 6 weeks. They did give me a Range Rover velar to drive instead. My car is leased and the lease is almost up

  32. Spencer Williams says:

    2019 Land Rover discovery. Windshield is being replaced now

  33. Colin Heaney says:

    I’m in England my 2017 Discovery 5 with 26k miles on clock stated doing strange things hill decent and auto stop start buttons started flashing white even when car not running and locked. Battery low start car message all time, couldn’t open trunk as not enough power until started car.
    My wife said their had been a tiny trickle of water accasionally running down screen. In June this year it got worse with special setting lights flashing too again when car locked. UNTIlL one day the car wouldn’t start at all completely dead. The next issue is the handbook doesn’t tell you how to get car into neutral to two, says only allowed by specialist engineer. Ridiculous! When we got a jump pack on it , it started but still had the keeping in neutral issue, eventually no thanks to JLR we found a switch in engine compartment that locked it in neutral.
    Now here’s the kicker, not all of us can afrord a main dealer, so I sent car to landrover specialist with 30years experience. Not knowing what was causing the problem at this time.
    They soon established that the whole screen had become debonded from the car, lettting in water. I now know through forums in England that JLR know about this issue but as it’s not deemed a safety issue they don’t recall the cars to check.
    I ended up with a new battery,two new control modules and rebonded screen and a bill for £1514.00
    I contacted JLR customer service and they Didn’t want to know, I should have taken it to a main dealer ( how did I know that when I didn’t know what the isssue was) the option they gave was stop any work being done have the car transported to a main dealer and they would look at it, oh! And as it was just out of warranty they might make a jester of good will towards any repairs, or they might not.! Really unhelpful and off be warned.

    The reason I am putting this on an American site is to warn anyone who might be experiencing issues such as mine to get the car to a main dealer and make a really fuss, make a lot of noise in the showroom, contact JLR customer care ( joke) and log a case asap against the dealership, so then customer service might get on it and recall these cars……All it is ,is a simple windscreen check and it can resolve all these issues

    Good Luck and if I can get added to a class action let m eknow how

  34. Ken says:

    Managers vehicle 2020 Discovery, purchased from Land Rover dealer July 2021 with 5,000 miles and full warranty. First heavy rain was filled with water, called the dealer and told me to duck tape it till the window was ordered. I actually thought they were joking. Thinking the Manager of Land Rover was aware of this situation and just unloaded the vehicle with all the extra warranties as a sell tactic. Duck tap did not work and continued to leak. This is clearly crazy. Glove compartment had several inches of water, radio and nav will just shut off when driving.

  35. John Reimonenq says:

    I have the same problem leaky windshield mold smell it was fixed under the recall n221 by Stevens Creek land rover in San José California.Its leaking again and they want to charge me to repair something they were paid to repair under the recall .They don’t warranty there own work .Don’t patronize this business

  36. John Reimonenq says:

    How do we get our windshields repaired under warranty before our vehicles catch on fire and someone dies or we all get lung cancer from inhaling the black mold breeding in the carpet caused by defective windshield insulation

  37. Andrew Carthy says:

    My 2016 LR4 first leaked on the passenger’s side. Had it repaired, and it then leaked on the driver’s side. Brought it back and they said it was the windshield. I had that repaired and it leaked again three weeks later on the passenger’s side!

  38. John Wright says:

    I have a 2017 loaded and just recently after a heavy rain the car was soaked. Now my emergency blinkers will not cut off even whe the vehicle is off. When you push the hazard light button the windshield wiper comes on and the lights (crazy). So I had to shut the vehicle off and let the lights blink on and off all night. The water coming in past the windshield has caused an electrical issue. And there is no fuse for the emergency blinker only.
    I bought this vehicle used and was clearly not told about the leaky windshield issue with this truck. If this would have been disclosed I would have made a different choice. Now I have an embarrassing electrical issue.

  39. Agostinho siva says:

    I have a 2017 discovery with all these problems I need an lawyer

  40. DeJesus says:

    Having exactly the same issue with my Land Rover Discovery 2017. The dealership will not fix the windshield if the car is not under warranty. They told me I should take it to my insurance.

  41. Mercedes says:

    Having exactly the same issue with my Land Rover Discovery 2017. The dealership will not fix the windshield if the car is not under warranty. They told me I should take it to my insurance.

  42. Shyam Bhagwat says:

    Hi, I have a 2018 landrover discovery. Same problem .it has happened twice now after repair. Dealership mentions – it’s best to sell of the car . I wouldn’t sell car to someone knowing this can happen . That’s not me . It’s disappointing to own someone else’s mistake .

    It’s been 2 to 3 years since I bought the car and dealership best narrative is for me to sell offf car to them at 25k lease price

    I would like to join the law suit

  43. Lynsey says:

    I’m in the UK and exactly the same issue as described here . Currently vehicle is in main dealer and I am awaiting communication . Completely appalled that such a high value vehicle should have a known fault from production that we have been unaware . I believe it unquestionably is a safety issue

  44. Michael Nichols says:

    I bought a 2018 Discovery at Carmax in August 2021. I love the wood trim, the leather and how high it sits. A few weeks later I noticed dew droplets on the passenger side trim around the windshield. A few days after that, water droplets on the dash and the headliner was wet by the windshield. Landrover Indianapolis didn’t return my calls. I ended up returning to Carmax before the 30 days was up, but I wished I had kept it and tried caulking the windshield. I may be a glutton for punishment because I just bought another one through Landrover Indy. After sharing my experience with my sales rep, they decided to preemptively replace the windshield for me and assure me it won’t be a problem this time around. Fingers crossed. How can a luxury car company not get the basics right?

  45. Rene Arnaudo says:

    2020 Discovery 19090 miles start leaking a month ago and getting worse , Hi have to wait until March 7 to see if the windshield arrive from UK in the mid time ..DONT USE IT IF RAIN..
    What is going on ….they are no cheap cars and this problem in going on for years? for sure last Land Rover ever

  46. Renee Cavlier says:

    Anything happen to this law suit ? why isn’t there a recall , 2016 Land rover Discovery sport
    leaking –

  47. John Reimonenq says:

    Don’t patronize Stevens Creek Land Rover in San Jose California .I went there with my windshield leak issue the windshield is ready to fall out they don’t care about our saftey.The Service Director Manny Reyes told me he had 30 vehicles in his warehouse with windshield leaks causing
    radio,carpet damage, navigation issues etcc and not to worry they have been warranting all of them. Manny had a service writer come out to take all my information and start the claim.A few weeks went by I didn’t hear anything so I called my service writer a half dozen times finally the service writer returned my call he said he didn’t know what i was talking about..He told me I had to call corporate to file the claim .They lie to your face telling you there starting the claim to get you out the door.

  48. Kotarica Spence says:

    I have a 2017 LR discovery luxury. I took it to Landrover in Bethesda MD and was told the extra windshield warranty that I purchased doesn’t cover leaks. There must be damage in order to replace it. I was told that my style vehicle is known for leaking. We’ll, why not tell me when I purchased it? No recall and my warranty means nothing. My 2nd Landrover and my last

  49. Jamal Rasheed says:

    Just bought 2017 range rover evoque hse. Today while driving home the weather stripping on passenger side began to slap the car. The stripping came off completely. Glad I visited this forum as I’m now expecting rain damage even if weather strip is replaced. Shame, I really liked the car. Guess I’ll embrace for a long costly contract loss in repairs.

  50. v says:

    i have a 2016 evoque with the same issue. took it to land rover and they can’t do anything for me. it’s currently at an approved auto body shop who can replace it but the windshield is on back order. have tempted to just trade it in and get a completely different vehicle.

  51. Cecilia Walker says:

    I have a 2018 Discovery and on 2nd windshield replacement also. This problem started in Nov 2019 and it took almost a year to get a replacement windshield due to COVID. the replacement my windshield is leaking worse, started again in not even a few months after the initial repair – filling up the cupholders – soaked mats and now the electronics are failing. I am on hold once again for a new windshield.

  52. This is the second time this is happened to my 2017 discovery. This time causing extensive damage to the carpet with a mold/mildew smell. With two asthmatic children, this does not seem right to be at the expense of the owner when LanRover clearly knows there’s a factory defect.

  53. Antoine thompson says:

    I am having the same problem with my 2019 Range Rover evoque I am calling for a congressional hearing on the matter. This is ridiculous!

  54. Charlie says:

    Just bought a 2020 evouque 1 week later I noticed the windshield was leaking brought it back to the dealership with no hesitation they gave me a loaner

  55. Paul says:

    Same issue. 2018 Disco. 2nd windshield is leaking and Hennessey Land Rover Atlanta will not fix it even under warranty.

  56. Rob Nolan says:

    2018 Range Rover Evoque SE Premium with 10,500 miles on it. Passenger side started dripping during heavy rains this spring. Land Rover of Freeport NY sent us home with painter’s tape (pretty blue on a red truck). Service paperwork states they sent pics of the leak to corporate and the windshield is on order. Warranty will be up in September so I am somewhat reassured it will be covered since we got it documented prior to the expiration.

    Going on 3 weeks with no call so far…we shall see.

    From what I read, the original class action lawsuit has been settled and closed. Do other ones exist?

  57. soni says:

    my 17 plate has developed the same water leak, is there a recall in the UK for this problem? landrover wants to charge me over £1000 to replace the screen, this is not right.

  58. Wet Driver says:

    Oh, this is a painful thread. I have a 2017 Disco HSE. The first windshield leak was in 2019 and it was replaced under recall N221. A year later it leaked again and was “resealed” with silicon. A month later it leaked again and was also resealed. In Nov 2020 it leaked again and the windshield was replaced a second time. Now it is Dec 2022 and it is leaking again and JLR refuses to cover the cost, even though it is under a 72 month “Vehicle Purchase Protection” warranty. I was told by the dealer that 1) all Disco 5’s have this defective windshield (80% return leaking) and 2) JLR still has not fixed the factory issue, so any dealer repair will leak again in 1-2 years. It is so disappointing, because other than this the vehicle has been solid.

  59. C. M. P. says:

    Baltimore, MD.
    2017 Disco HSE

    I purchased from Mile One Silver Spring, MD in April. I noticed some water in the cup holder in May, but thought I left the sunroof open, and so I disregarded. In May, the remote start climate control did not work, so I called the dealership for help. Agent was clueless about the brand, and said call JLR customer service. They did troubleshooting, and couldn’t fix it, so sent me to a JLR dealer for software upgrade.
    Climate control was not a priority, so no rush, and I thought the JLR warranty was still in place on a car with only 30k miles. Weeks later, after a severe storm, I was driving down a hill, and at least a pint of water spilled out of the rear view mirror. I called the Mile One dealer where I purchased, and was told to take it to JLR repair for diagnosis.

    Took the car to my favorite JLR service in Hunt Valley, and paid $350 for a complete diagnosis. They said the car was in excellent condition, and even asked where I bought this beauty. Said there was no leak in the windshield, but maybe a clogged water drain line, so they did a complimentary drain vacuum service. (They were my repair shop 10 years ago with my 1st LR Disco.) Weeks later,in June after an overnight rain, driving down a hill and…

    Call Mile One. Car is no longer under factory warranty, and now 60 day warranty is up in a few
    days. Took it back to JLR where they do another test and find the leak. Car sits there for 1 week, and they say they can’t get Mile One to return the call and approve the repair. No need to pay out of pocket yet, because the windshield is on backorder.

    I drive very seldom in the summer, because I teach and school is out, but I say in the car often, just watching reviews to learning the car. Removed the previous owners info, updated the In-Control app, Sim card, WiFi, and get 2/3 app features to work. It’s such a beautiful, well-appointed vehicle!

    Come September, with daily driving, I notice a damp smell, and periodically a fault light or two will come on and go off immediately. In October, the DIC is now slow to respond to touch, then the problem goes away. In November, a “limited functionality” alert appears and I schedule service online, but days later it goes away. In December, a parking brake fault light, so I swing by the Jiffy Lube for an independent diagnosis before going to the dealer. They say the brakes have no wear, no fluids changes needed, excellent condition. Maybe a battery or electrical glitch.

    At JLR, they want $350 to diagnose the limited functionality alert, and another $350 for the parking fault. They replace the battery and 2 electrical parts. I ask for a temporary repair to the windshield before replacing the parts, so the water doesn’t fry them. Three weeks later, and the car is still at JLR and… the windshield is still on backorder.

  60. Tiffany Davis says:

    Same issues as all those on this article. I bought my fully upgraded and custom 2018 Lane Rover Discovery for $100k brand new with 3 miles off the lot on 4/18/2018 at the Livermore, CA dealer. I’ve been so in love with this car and thought I’d be a Land Rover driver for life but now, after all the issues. I think not.

    Car started leaking, water rushing out each door, electrical issues including my upgraded very expensive sound system. Car wouldn’t start and had to have it towed to Land Rover in Redwood City today.

    As others here, if someone knows of a way to join the lawsuit, please post it here.

  61. Lorena Perez says:

    I have Discover 2018 with only 30,000 miles. I got pouring water on my windshield. I have not noticed this car is the most time-covered garage. Last Friday I was doing some errands and I stopped in the parking lot of Home Depot when it started heavy rain. I decided to stay in the car and I found this unbelievable problem. I replaced my Nissan Xterra 2004 with this LR Discovery. My humble Xterra never pours in any place. I have 3 cars so far in my life: first a Toyota Corolla, Nissan Stanza, and Nissan Xterra. I take care of my cars for that reason I changed them every 15 years. The Land Rover has been my big disappointment.

  62. Chrysanthe I Siersbeck says:

    Just bought a 2020 Discover from Enterprise for car only has 60,000 miles on it. I’ve had it for exactly two days. Tropical storm Hillary showed up about 3:00 a.m. and I drove home from Anaheim to San Juan Capistrano park the car went inside for a minute came right back out and my windshield was leaking! Hillary wasn’t even raining too hard actually it was a light shower. I did my research on this car before I bought it and I did not find anything published about a leaking windshield we definitely need to do something about this maybe if we all started sending emails to the CEO and corporate board of Land Rover Jaguar (who, by the way, also share the same table with Ford motor company) we might get some answers seeing as how many people are on this thread if every single one of us sent an email there we might get some answers .

  63. Kevin H says:

    2018 LR Disco Sport, just started happening to mine. Drivers side coming through the visor post to rubber matt. Are windshields now available or a solution for repair?

  64. Crystal H says:

    Our 2019 LR Discovery started having the leaking windshield problem in the last month. Thankfully there is a drought! Local LR dealership verified the issue with a test. They said I would have to get a new windshield at my own costs and referred me to a glass shop. If it’s a known issue why aren’t they recalling these vehicles and fixing them properly. I’m very disappointed in LandRover. We buy luxury vehicles that are faulty, only to have to fix them ourselves. So disgusted!

  65. Mike E says:

    A week ago, my 2018 Land Rover Discovery (purchased used in 2021 from a major Massachusetts Land Rover dealer) showed water leakage near the headliner; a slow drip.

    Starting the car I found audio system, board computer and speedometer, basically all necessary electronic failed. Going small distance back and forward, like side-wise parking, you would hear water moving around within the car, like in between the outside and cabin wall.

    Having it dropped off at the dealer, I soon after got a quote for repairs just under $25k USD as many significant electronic parts need to be replaced, the front windshield and all the labor. No word about warranty or manufacturing error. I had to call specifically to get the dealer tell me the root cause, which was tagged as: water leakage due to windshield delamination.

    This is clearly an unacceptable damage with a car that is supposed to be a superior all weather and off-road vehicle.

    I have since I have gotten the car already spent an estimated 15k in services and repairs for water leakage in the back, engine and steering wheel issues etc. Can it get even more unreliable?

    This is my second Land Rover, I upgraded from Discovery Sport, that I got new in 2017, that car too had many service hours. I was thinking of bad luck with that one car, but the struggle with the second just continued.

    Never again!

  66. Pamela Parrish says:

    2020 Land Rover discovery with quite a bit of water dripping inside car. Smells musty and my center console keeps going in and out while driving. What can be done?

  67. Cedric Bibbs says:

    4th time getting mine repaired. Now my audio and Bluetooth is sporadic. Water ran out of my car when I opened the door.

  68. Hillary W says:

    It’s insane this shit is still happening with no resolve. I have a 2019 Disco purchased used in 2022. 12/23 it decides to start leaking and LR tells me they can’t do anything because a KNOWN MANUFACTURER DEFECT recall expired 7/31/23 and wouldn’t have known about the recall because they weren’t repairing anything unless it was leaking in that time frame. That’s absolutely crazy to me. I realize the car is 5 yrs old, but even at 5 yrs I shouldn’t have to be replacing a windshield for a known, and apparently never addressed, defect. I’ll never buy LR again which is unfortunate because it’s a gorgeous car.

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