Holiday Weekend Update: See Which Shops are Open

Independence Day falls on a Saturday this year and this week glassBYTEs asked auto glass business if they would be open or closed tomorrow in observance of the holiday.

The chart below shows the results of our poll.

Closed Friday74%
Open Friday25%
Open all weekend1%


Staying Closed

Peter Brown, Tiny and Sons Auto Glass Co. (Tiny and Sons) president said his business would be closed tomorrow. He also mentioned his businesses has seen an uptick since Massachusetts reopened.

“Even though the way we interact with the consumer has changed dramatically, we must continue working with business as usual,” said Brown. “Road construction, understructure improvements and people traveling have contributed to our increase in work and we are in a hiring faze.”

Dell Skluzak, owner of PipeKnife Company, won’t be open tomorrow either “I believe this is a particularly important holiday to celebrate this year, especially with the assault on many of our traditional reasons to celebrate the 4th of July, I want all of our employees, customers and suppliers to recognize the importance of spending time with family and friends in celebrating how wonderful the USA is and the freedoms our country provides,” Skluzak said.

According to Skluzak, the company had the lowest sales revenue the third week of April, but since that time additional business has been coming in. In June the auto glass toolmaker reported a 30% growth when compared to June 2019.

Partly Open

Not all businesses chose to close to observe the holiday, in fact some decided to be available in a different way.

“We are having half of the staff at our locations off on July 3rd for the holiday and half on the 6th,” said Kevin Zeiss, Mesko Glass auto glass general manager. “We wanted to be open to service our customers on both days and have done this in the past when holidays fall on the weekend.”

According to Zeiss, the glass company has been keeping busy with partitions, screens, and other flat glass needs and its auto glass division is “getting close to where it would be normally.”

“This is certainly a very different year for everyone and to be honest, the holiday seemed to just sneak up as everyone has been trying to create some sort of normalcy with things starting to open back up,” Zeiss added.

Korey Gobin, Delta Kits sales manager, said employees will not be in the office to ship orders out, but they would be available via phone, text, and email. According to Gobin, the company’s business has increased both in the states and internationally.

“I think if you are in a position where you can take a little less to help someone in need then why not, so I am all for offering a discount during the holiday,” Gobin said. “It seems as if things are getting back to normal/pre COVID-19.”

Rex Altree, SafePro Auto Glass president, said the business will be open tomorrow and says its customers are the reason why.

“We want to give legendary customer service and be available for those customers that need their glass replaced or repaired,” said Altree. “We never want to say no to a customer who is asking for our services even if it falls on a holiday.”

Altree added that the business remained the same after the stay-at-home orders began to end. Although there were a few weeks where work was significantly lower when the stay-at-home orders were in place, according to Altree.

“I have been out of the office for 90 days and I am the person who grows the company,” said Altree. “Since I have not been in the office, due to personal circumstances, our business has leveled when it usually grows. But our business has picked up after the two weeks of significantly declined business.”

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