Auto Glass Companies Left Picking Up the Pieces Following Hurricane Laura

Auto glass businesses in Lake Charles, La., along with many other areas were impacted by Hurricane Laura. The Category 4 storm swept through many of the Southern States causing structural damage to industry shops and homes, leaving several without power, and even killing more than one dozen people.

“We have two franchisees that are right in the Lake Charles area and we’ve talked to both of them,” said Ted Andersen, Novus North America operations vice president. “They’re okay, but there’s just so much devastation down there and they think it’ll be months before they can even get their power restored and get their businesses back to operational.”

Andersen said both franchisees are run by sisters and have been Novus franchisees for 34 years. They bought the business from their parents. “Both evacuated, which was good but now they’re coming back to it and realizing how much work they have to do and it’s going to be an immense project,” explained Andersen.

Lake City Glass employees also returned to their building – and to the damage caused by Hurricane Laura.

“Our building is currently destroyed and we’re trying to get things in order so that we can get out and start helping people in our community,” said a Lake City Glass customer service representative when describing the damage from Hurricane Laura. “We were impacted by the hurricane and to my knowledge all of our employees are safe at this time.”

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the stricken areas and we’re going to focus on helping our franchisees rebuild,” said Andersen. “We have plans to send people down there to help get their operations back up and running.”

Allied Glass & Mirror Co. in Lake Charles has been unable to respond to calls from the community due to damage at its own facility.

“We haven’t gotten the chance to get busy with customers yet because we’re busy cleaning up our own mess. We’re missing a back wall, three bay doors are gone and there are multiple holes in the roof. We’re going to have to do a complete overhaul,” said Marcus Johnson, assistant manager for the company. “We finally cleared our doorways to get our trucks out. We’re hoping to respond to board ups and measurements [today], but life won’t back to normal anytime soon.”

glassBYTEs reached out to five additional auto glass businesses in the Lake Charles area, but found that the phone lines were not working or had become disconnected.

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