Auto Glass Productivity Ideas Debunked in 20 Minute Webinar

Ongoing improvement and growth are two common goals for industry business owners, and a driving force to several discussions and focus groups. Today two industry experts highlighted several ways shop owners can see progress in their business’ productivity in just 20 minutes during a free webinar.

Five Ideas to Improve Your Business Productivity was the first in the series of industry webinars hosted by Vitro Auto Glass. Jim Ricci, Vitro Auto Glass business development manager, began the webinar by listing each idea, which included:

  1. Quick, convenient and easy ordering;
  2. Money back rewards;
  3. Having a wide range of NAGS;
  4. Callback tracking and resolution; and
  5. Having active supplier commitment.

“When you think of quick, convenient and easy ordering there are five points to consider,” said Ricci, as he began explaining the first idea. He mentioned the benefit of having easy-to-use mobile ordering options for your customers. “This allows for quicker payments, order tracking, communication, account monitoring, and also it makes returns or cancellations easier,” said Ricci.

From left to right: Jim Ricci and Bob Beranek discussing the five ideas during the webinar.

The third idea in the presentation focused on NAGS. The company’s Dallas, Texas warehouse currently has more than 3,000 SKU’s for parts. Ricci mentioned the ease of finding the latest parts in the company’s available portfolio.

Bob Beranek, Auto Glass University president, was a guest speaker for the fourth idea – call tracking and resolution. “Surprisingly enough not many companies track their callbacks and I think their doing a disservice to themselves,” said Beranek.

According to Beranek, auto glass businesses can’t fix what they don’t know. This means without tracking your company’s callbacks it becomes more difficult to find the problem area, or diagnose the root of a reoccurring issue or complaint from customers.

“Most customers understand that callbacks happen because mistakes happen, but if you have to come back a third, fourth, or fifth time to fix the same problem you will lose that customer’s trust. And when you lose a customer’s trust you lose them and everyone that they’ve talked to about your business,” said Beranek. “So please make sure that you track your callbacks through a special invoice that can be used for possible training.”

The final idea involves having active supplier commitment. According to Ricci, this includes items like having high social engagement, offering promotions, blogs, and excellent customer service.

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