Drivers Admit to Switching ADAS Off On The Road

UK drivers are switching off Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in their vehicles, mitigating their benefits and increasing the risk of accidents on the road, according to research by Autoglass.

The research, of 1,387 UK drivers, found that 41% of intentionally switch off safety systems such as autonomous emergency braking or lane deviation warning whilst driving. The company’s research shows there is still a lack of knowledge and awareness about how to properly use and maintain ADAS systems.

Education can play a key role in ensuring fleet drivers appreciate the benefits of the safety systems. According to the research, 24% of drivers with ADAS enabled vehicles said they were not provided with any information about the importance of these features and how they work when they had the vehicle handed over to them.

“ADAS can help keep drivers and passengers safe, but only if the technology is switched on and operating correctly,” said Neil Atherton, Autoglass sales and marketing director. “ADAS is becoming more and more common in UK fleets and so more should be done to educate drivers, to encourage positive behavior and ensure the systems are being used correctly.”

The cameras and sensors that ADAS rely on need to be recalibrated to manufacturer standards if they have been impacted by a windscreen replacement to ensure the features are working correctly, according to the company. 55% of drivers were unaware that they need to be recalibrated when the windscreen is replaced and 52% of drivers are unaware that the cameras may need to be recalibrated if they have been impacted by body repair work. When asked 67% of drivers agreed that more education is needed.

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