LYNX Services Adds Recalibration Services and More to Participant Profiles

LYNX Services (LYNX) has made some updates to its auto glass program participants’ profiles, which include whether or not the shop has recalibration services, with the aim of enhancing its policyholder experience.

LYNX sent communication out to its auto glass program participants in late last month, which centered on the ability to add to their METRYX profile. According to Paul McFarland, LYNX supply chain management senior director, the company’s participants’ capability to perform recalibrations as well as adding calibration tool information to their profile was implemented immediately.

The decision to make this information readily accessible for policyholders is not new. In fact, the company had been planning to make that information available for well over two years, according to McFarland. He noted that the company “finally came to a point where it could put it out to the industry” before the New Year.

The METRYX profile has a list of technicians, companies and service vehicles that provide mobile auto glass offerings, according to McFarland, who said the additional information is an extension of the capabilities within their service centers. “It’s the first step in identifying calibration capabilities for retailers,” said McFarland. The company is currently working on the next phase, which should be available soon.

“[Since this has already been implemented] we’re collecting the information at this point,” said McFarland.

The next phase is to allow people to tell LYNX that they are able to facilitate third party recalibrations. McFarland noted that the company currently does this on the basis of having received invoices from retailers with recalibration on the invoice. “So we have some transaction history so we have an indicator and that helps with the process, but we would prefer to go on the basis of an actual profile update by the retailer themselves. We feel that that is a little more accurate,” said McFarland.

As the recalibration activity grew the company knew that it wanted to be able to capture this type of information [recalibration capabilities and tools], according to McFarland. The idea began primarily as a request of its insurance company clients.

Overall this should be a better experience for the policyholder, which is ultimately the objective, McFarland added.

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2 Responses to LYNX Services Adds Recalibration Services and More to Participant Profiles

  1. Deezy says:

    Good, this will help them not waste time for consumers, and at the same time weed out people that do not calibrate and could potentially put LYNX In a bad postion

  2. Shannon Smith says:

    Just another way the insurance industry uses their thumb to suppress.
    They don’t mind shops making a buck or two but don’t jack with the industry wide TRILLIONS that the insurance industry makes!
    Go sponsor another golf tournament or endorse another pro golfer I guess…
    Because you really don’t care about shops or clients…. Just give me the money!!!

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