Is OE Glass Really Necessary, or Are Aftermarket Products a Solid Alternative?

When it comes to original equipment (OE) and aftermarket glass, car makers are clear: When performing replacements, OE glass should be used. Even if the aftermarket version is manufactured to the same tolerances, it doesn’t matter: their position statements set certain expectations.

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1 Response to Is OE Glass Really Necessary, or Are Aftermarket Products a Solid Alternative?

  1. I have worked in the automotive glass replacement business since 1978. The quality of aftermarket glass has deteriorated to the point that it is unusable on some vehicles. At times we are installing the least defective of aftermarket parts in some vehicles. We install more dealer or OEM windshields today than ever before.
    I believe that if the aftermarket suppliers do not work on improving the quality they are producing they will become redundant. We have had many issues with aftermarket parts that should not happen such as camera and rain sensor brackets falling off, incorrect mouldings, heater wires falling off, heater wires that are not long enough and these are just some of the issues we are confronted with on a daily basis. As an installer why would you not want to install a dealer part when its fit and finish is top notch and with no warranty issues. We as installers get zero compensation from aftermarket parts manufacturers when we install a defective part , which may even require another ADAS calibration when the defective part is replaced.
    Years ago a rep from the manufacturers would frequent our shop and ask about their product and engage in some form of quality control , this type of engagement is non existent today and has caused our shop to refuse to use certain aftermarket suppliers parts because of shoddy or seemingly non existent quality control.

    sincerely Gary Dunley
    Northstar Auto Glass and Marine
    781 Main Street East Unit #5
    Milton Ontario Canada L9T 5A9

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